Technology tools to facilitate individual computing activities like U-M Zoom, other videoconferencing, printing, email and calendar, and software applications.

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Knowledge articles related to the University's implementation of Zoom.

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Activating Office 365 on Virtual Sites

Learn how to activate Office 365 on a Virtual Sites computer.

BlueJeans Retirement

What should I do now that U-M has retired BlueJeans?

Change the Email Address Associated with Your Personal Dropbox Account

How to change the UMICH email address associated with a personal Dropbox account to a non-UMICH email address.

Convert Document to .PDF

How to save a document as a .pdf

Create Workspace in U-M Slack

This article provides information on how to create U-M Slack workspaces.

Determine Files/Folders You Own in Box

This article explains how to determine which files and folders you own in U-M Box.

Determining Ownership of Files in Box

Steps to determining ownership of files in Box.

Dropbox: Managing Notifications

This article outlines how to manage your notifications in U-M Dropbox.

Dropbox: Share a Dropbox File or Folder

This article provides instructions for sharing files and folders in Dropbox on the web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Dropbox: Share Files Using Shared Links

This article includes instructions on how to create and share Dropbox shared links with collaborators who do or do not have a Dropbox account.

Dropbox: Signing Out of the Desktop Application / Client

Process for signing out of Dropbox desktop app.

Dropbox: Using Selective Sync / Adding or Removing Folder(s) to Desktop App

Selective sync is a feature in the Dropbox desktop app that lets you choose folders to remove from your hard drive so you can save space on your computer. The folders you choose to remove from your hard drive remain stored in your account on

Eligibility for a U-M Slack Account (Slack Access)

This article details who is and is not eligible for U-M Slack, and explains the differences between guest types.

Find a List of All Slack Channels in a U-M Slack Workspace

This article provides a walkthrough for finding a list of all Slack channels in a U-M Slack workspace.

Getting Started with Stata License (ITAM)

Those with MiWorkspace-managed computers can update to the current version of Stata version to get latest license

Give Individual Student More Time to Complete Canvas Quiz

Instructions to give an individual student more time to complete a quiz in Canvas.

Google Drive for desktop and Google Backup and Sync

Information about the difference between the Google Drive for desktop (recommended for U-M Google accounts) and Google Backup and Sync (not recommended for U-M Google accounts).

Log in to U-M Zoom

Learn how to log onto Zoom with SSO (Single Sign On) on Desktop client and Web portal

Message and File Retention for Slack at U-M

By default, Slack will retain all messages and files for the lifetime of your workspace. Settings can be adjusted.

Office 365 (Including Teams) Profile Pictures Cannot be Changed

Office 365 profile pictures are managed by Exchange, which we do not have turned on.

Outlook Windows Closing When Minimized

In the Windows OS, when minimizing an Outlook window, the window disappears and does not show up when hovering over the Outlook icon in the Task Bar.

Project Management Software

Project Management Software information.

Purchase and Redeem MPrint Credit Codes for Personal Use

You can now add funds to your MPrint account with a credit card! Purchase a $5 MPrint Credit from the University Tech Shop ( and redeem the unique code that is emailed to you on your MPrint account page (

Save Box Comments on a File Before Migration to U-M Dropbox

This article explains how to manually save Box comments made on files in Box (e.g., Word documents) before migrating to U-M Dropbox.

U-M Box to Dropbox: Sharing With Email Addresses

This article provides more information on how sharing with Level-2 email addresses differs between U-M Box and U-M Dropbox.

U-M Slack: Can't Login to U-M Slack, Deactivated Account Error

This article explains why an individual cannot log in to U-M Slack when they receive the following error: "Your email address is already registered to a deactivated account and cannot be reused. Please contact your Organization Admins for assistance." It also explains what to do if an individual receives this error.