Voicemail Feature Unavailable in Microsoft Teams Calling


Voicemail for calling within ITS-provided Microsoft Teams


  • How do I use voicemail in Microsoft Teams?
  • When you try to call another person who is offline or not logged into Teams and it attempts to go to voicemail, you will see a message that says "Sorry, we couldn't connect you." with a Dismiss button. (See screenshot below)
  • When you try to call another person who is online in Teams, but they do not answer, the call will continue to ring and then eventually hang up. You will not be given an option to leave a voicemail.


In Microsoft Teams, a user can use "click-to-call" calling to connect with another person. This kind of calling does not use ten-digit dialing (734-xxx-xxxx), but is a call directly between two Teams users. Due to the way that the ITS-provided Microsoft 365 tenant is configured, the voicemail feature is unavailable for use.

  • Voicemail is not available in ITS-provided Microsoft Teams

Additional Information

Message screenshot:

Black screen with "Sorry, we couldn't connect you." and a Dismiss button


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Mon 3/15/21 9:34 AM
Mon 3/15/21 11:23 AM