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ITS-Benefits Administration

This form is for ITS use only. Looking for verification of Insurance? Contact the Shared Services Center to request a letter by sending an email to You’ll receive a personalized letter for your auto insurance carrier within 10 business days. For more information on the Shared Services Center, please see

ITS-Customer Relations

Use this form to submit a request for the ITS Customer Relations team.

ITS-HR Administration: Request for Job Posting

Use this link to access forms for regular and temp job postings.

ITS-ServiceNow Archive Data

Request ServiceNow content that is not available in the ServiceNow Archive Viewer. Provide as much information as possible to facilitate identifying the correct record(s).


Request general service for TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix is an SaaS Cloud solution offering service and project management.

ITS-TeamDynamix - Add/Update Security Roles in TeamDynamix Access Form

Request access security roles to be added, updated, or removed in the ITS-TeamDynamix Access form.

ITS-TeamDynamix - Configure New Applications, Security Roles and Update Access Form

Request new application configurations, security roles, update the ITS-TeamDynamix Access and ITS-TeamDynamix Group forms and workflows.

ITS-TeamDynamix Access

Add, update, or remove access toTeamDynamix ticketing and asset applications.

ITS-TeamDynamix Access - PPM

Add, update, or remove TeamDynamix access for the Project & Portfolio Management application.

ITS-TeamDynamix Access - Sandbox and Sandbox2

Add or update access for TeamDynamix non-production environments; Sandbox and Sandbox2.

ITS-TeamDynamix Desktop Template

Desktop Template work, removal of desktops, pushing new desktops to users, and creating in desktops with reports

ITS-TeamDynamix Enhancement Request

Request enhancement changes to TeamDynamix to address a specific problem. The request will need to be evaluated and potentially submitted to the vendor.

ITS-TeamDynamix Groups

Request a new group to be created in both TeamDynamix and MCommunity. The groups are synced in both systems.

ITS-TeamDynamix Inbound Email Tickets

Request a new TeamDynamix Google mailbox for a TeamDynamix email monitor. The TeamDynamix email monitor is used to create tickets via inbound email.

ITS-TeamDynamix Maintenance Window

Request a maintenance window for changes pertaining to a specific service. Specify the window you would like to change, and select the update type; merge, move, new, or remove.

ITS-TeamDynamix Remove Sensitive Data

Submit a request to the ITS Service Support team to remove sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers from TeamDynamix tickets.

ITS-TeamDynamix Request for Group Bulk Load

Request the creation of multiple TeamDynamix groups. The groups are synced in both systems. The request form provides a link to a knowledge article containing instructions for downloading the template for group information. After you populate the template with groups, attach the list of groups to the request.

ITS-TeamDynamix Support

Request support for TeamDynamix. Requests submitted via this form are assigned to the team that includes the ITS U-M global administrators for TeamDynamix.

ITS-TeamDynamix Templates

Request either a response template or a task template to be built in TeamDynamix. A response template is canned text for messages that you can use to efficiently respond within a TeamDynamix ticket. A task template is a list of tasks that you can apply to a specific record type, such as a request or change ticket. The list of tasks is essentially a checklist of activities that can be assigned as needed to support a ticket such as fulfilling a request.

ITS-TeamDynamix Ticket Data

Request access to or remove access from TeamDynamix ticket data views for reporting external to TeamDynamix. You must have access to TeamDynamix already in order to request access to the ticket data to use with other reporting applications. The request has an approval workflow and provides access to the same ticket data the user can access in TeamDynamix.

ITS-TeamDynamix Update Alternate Email

Provide the “Alternate Email” that you would like to update in the requester’s user profile.


Designate a customer as a VIP or to remove a customer's VIP status. By default, all Faculty, and members of the "3D list" are VIP by default. The MiWorkspace Service needs to identify additional customers as VIPs.

NOTE: This is not Executive support. Select the ITS-MiWorkspace Executive Support form for VIP support changes.