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ITS-HR Administration: Request for Job Posting

Use this link to access forms for regular and temp job postings.

ITS-TeamDynamix Desktop Template

Desktop Template work, removal of desktops, pushing new desktops to users, and creating in desktops with reports

ITS-TeamDynamix Inbound Email Tickets

Request a new TeamDynamix Google mailbox for a TeamDynamix email monitor. The TeamDynamix email monitor is used to create tickets via inbound email.

ITS-TeamDynamix Ticket Data

Request access to or remove access from TeamDynamix ticket data views for reporting external to TeamDynamix. You must have access to TeamDynamix already in order to request access to the ticket data to use with other reporting applications. The request has an approval workflow and provides access to the same ticket data the user can access in TeamDynamix.