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ITS-Academic Technology Consultation

This form is to request 1:1 support for courses and projects for faculty and staff.

ITS-Administration Finance

Internal to ITS. This is the ITS Administration Finance Team. Provides advice and direction on ITS operational and project financial matters.

ITS-AUD General Service

Submit a request to the internal U-M Audit Services Support team

ITS-Benefits Administration

This form is for ITS use only. Looking for verification of Insurance? Contact the Shared Services Center to request a letter by sending an email to You’ll receive a personalized letter for your auto insurance carrier within 10 business days. For more information on the Shared Services Center, please see


As of November 14, 2021, U-M no longer offers Box as a storage solution, and all migrations have ceased. Over the course of 2021, ITS helped guide the university community through this change by providing a self-service migration tool to move data out of U-M Box and into U-M Dropbox.


This service is a cloud-based learning management system used by most U-M instructors and students to facilitate teaching, learning and collaboration. External applications, including Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) applications, can be integrated within Canvas courses to support and enhance teaching and learning activities both online and in the classroom.

ITS-Canvas Learning Tools Interoperability

This form allows Canvas course owners and sub-account admins to request the integration of LTI-enabled external tools and applications into the U-M Canvas Learning Management System. Integration of externally-provided applications gives instructors the ability to infinitely extend the functionality of the Canvas LMS beyond its core tool capabilities. For additional information on requesting external tool integrations for your Canvas course or sub-account please see

ITS-Customer Relations

Use this form to submit a request for the ITS Customer Relations team.

ITS-Desktop Backup (Crashplan)

For Desktop Backup (CrashPlan) support, please visit or contact the ITS Service Center

ITS-Digital Accessibility

Request assistance or collaboration with making information technology (websites, documents, media) accessible to work towards meeting the requirements of the EIT Accessibility Standard Practice Guide on campus.

ITS-Digital Asset Collaborative

Request general help and support for the Digital Asset Collaborative at U-M service

ITS-Digital Asset Collaborative Access Request

Request new or modified access to the digital asset management system for the Digital Asset Collaborative at U-M service.

ITS-Digital Signage

ITS provides a platform for strong visual communication in a wide variety of campus settings through the Digital Signage Service. Digital signs support multiple types of static and dynamic content, have emergency alert integration, and provide mapping and interactive wayfinding capabilities. See the Digital Signage site for more information:

ITS-Elevated Access Management (Passwordstate AD Group Request)

This form is used to provide Active Directory group information to the IAM Elevated Access Management team for security groups as part of a Passwordstate configuration.

ITS-Elevated Access Management (Passwordstate)

This form is used to contact the IAM Elevated Access Management team to begin setting up a configuration in the ITS-offered Enterprise Passwordstate application for a non-ITS unit, department, or team.

ITS-Enterprise Salesforce Organization

The ITS Enterprise Salesforce Organization is the ITS-supported, centralized org for units to house their CRM-focused business processes. ITS, via the Salesforce Center of Excellence (SFCOE) team, consults with units to scope and build the org as well as provide ongoing support and governance. Participation in the ITS Enterprise Salesforce org brings centralized infrastructure such as data integrations with institutional data sources, managed backup, and disaster recovery.


Internal to ITS, this Service is database infrastructure that includes optimizations for transaction processing, analytics, and more.


Internal to ITS. Provides facilities support for ITS physical locations.

ITS-Great Lakes (HPC Cluster)

This Service is available to all researchers on campus for simulation, modeling, machine learning, data science, genomics, and more. The platform provides a balanced combination of computing power, I/O performance, storage capability, and accelerators.

ITS-Grouper at U-M

Currently Grouper is able to meet requests for access management with the following requirements:

Group membership can be created using available institutional data in Grouper.
Your service is able to read group membership to control access from either UMROOT Active Directory or eDirectory (MCommunity) targets.
Identities external to U-M without a uniqname do not need access to your service. People entitled to access your service must all have a uniqname.
Grouper is the authoritative source for group membership.


This service is for both Exception and Standard DNS requests.

ITS-HR Administration: Award

Use this link to access the form to submit a Focus on Excellence Award or ITS Difference Award.

ITS-HR Administration: Tuition Support

Use this link to access the form for tuition support.

ITS-InCommon Certificate Service ACME

Fill out and submit this form to get your university unit or group set up to obtain and renew InCommon certificates via ACME clients such as certbot and win-acme. Requests for access are usually handled within two business days.

ITS-InCommon Certificate Service ICM Web App

Fill out and submit this form to get your university unit set up to obtain and renew InCommon certificates through the InCommon Certificate Manager (ICM) web application. Access to the ICM web app requires that your unit have 20 or more certificates and that you have at all times two or more IT staff who can manage your certificates. Requests for access are usually handled within two business days.

ITS-Infrastructure Performance Support

The Infrastructure Performance Support Analyst (PSA) team helps ITS customers use and understand technologies by providing change management, communication, technical training, and support. The team also manages small projects or collaborates with service leaders to launch new services or help users adopt the change in existing services.

ITS-Modify or Delete an Active Otto Refresh Ticket

Submit a ticket to the Depot Refresh Admins to modify or destroy an active Otto refresh ticket.

ITS-PCI-Interstitial Gateway

This form is for onboarding and offboarding merchants and supporting current merchants with ITS PCI Interstitial Gateways.

ITS-Remove Duplicates in the Enterprise Salesforce Organization

Use this request form to Remove Duplicates in the Enterprise Salesforce Organization.

ITS-Schedule Displays

Schedule Displays allow departments to conveniently offer room management to a variety of spaces, including spaces without built-in video conferencing. The small, interactive touch panels allow users to see what meetings are coming up in a specific space.

ITS-ServiceNow Archive Data

Request ServiceNow content that is not available in the ServiceNow Archive Viewer. Provide as much information as possible to facilitate identifying the correct record(s).

ITS-Shared Devices on U-M WiFi

Faculty and staff can use this form to register a device, report an issue, or ask a question about shared devices on U-M WiFi.

ITS-Targeted Email

Do you have a message you would like to communicate to large groups of university faculty, staff, or students? The Targeted Email Service offers three options:

- Request a Targeted Email
U-M faculty, staff, and students may request a mass email to populations of U-Memployees and Ann Arbor students
- Request a Mailing List
Request a data file of U-M employees and Ann Arbor students, for use with your own email application or service
- Licensed Departmental Use
U-M departments may arrange direct access to the email campaign software, to meet frequent messaging needs


Request general service for TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix is an SaaS Cloud solution offering service and project management.

ITS-TeamDynamix - Add/Update Security Roles in TeamDynamix Access Form

Request access security roles to be added, updated, or removed in the ITS-TeamDynamix Access form.

ITS-TeamDynamix - Configure New Applications, Security Roles and Update Access Form

Request new application configurations, security roles, update the ITS-TeamDynamix Access and ITS-TeamDynamix Group forms and workflows.

ITS-TeamDynamix Access

Use this form to add, update or remove access from TeamDynamix (TDX) ticketing and asset applications.

ITS-TeamDynamix Access - PPM

Add, update, or remove TeamDynamix access for the Project & Portfolio Management application.

ITS-TeamDynamix Access - Sandbox and Sandbox2

Add or update access for TeamDynamix non-production environments; Sandbox and Sandbox2.

ITS-TeamDynamix Desktop Template

Desktop Template work, removal of desktops, pushing new desktops to users, and creating in desktops with reports

ITS-TeamDynamix Enhancement Request

Request enhancement changes to TeamDynamix to address a specific problem. The request will need to be evaluated and potentially submitted to the vendor.

ITS-TeamDynamix Groups

Request a new group or remove an existing group​​​​​​​. A new group will be created in both TeamDynamix and MCommunity.  The two groups will be synced.  Removal of an existing group only applies to TeamDynamix and group owner(s) are responsible for removing the group from MCommunity.

ITS-TeamDynamix Inbound Email Tickets

Request a new TeamDynamix Google mailbox for a TeamDynamix email monitor. The TeamDynamix email monitor is used to create tickets via inbound email.

ITS-TeamDynamix iPaaS Inquiry

Inquire about TeamDynamix cloud-based platform, iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service).

ITS-TeamDynamix Maintenance Window

Request a maintenance window for changes pertaining to a specific service. Specify the window you would like to change, and select the update type; merge, move, new, or remove.

ITS-TeamDynamix Remove Sensitive Data

Submit a request to the ITS Service Support team to remove sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers from TeamDynamix tickets.

ITS-TeamDynamix Request for Group Bulk Load

Request the creation of multiple TeamDynamix groups. The groups are synced in both systems. The request form provides a link to a knowledge article containing instructions for downloading the template for group information. After you populate the template with groups, attach the list of groups to the request.

ITS-TeamDynamix Support

Request support for TeamDynamix. Requests submitted via this form are assigned to the team that includes the ITS U-M global administrators for TeamDynamix.

ITS-TeamDynamix Templates

Request either a response template or a task template to be built in TeamDynamix. A response template is canned text for messages that you can use to efficiently respond within a TeamDynamix ticket. A task template is a list of tasks that you can apply to a specific record type, such as a request or change ticket. The list of tasks is essentially a checklist of activities that can be assigned as needed to support a ticket such as fulfilling a request.

ITS-TeamDynamix Ticket Data

Request access to add or remove access from TeamDynamix ticket data views for reporting external to TeamDynamix. You must have access to TeamDynamix already in order to request access to the ticket data to use with other reporting applications. The request has an approval workflow and provides access to the same ticket data the user can access in TeamDynamix.

ITS-TeamDynamix Update Alternate Email

Provide the “Alternate Email” that you would like to update in the requester’s user profile.

ITS-Tech Consulting

Walk-up support service for any technology related needs.

ITS-Tech Consulting Loaner Attestation

All customers who check-in a laptop for repair by Tech Repair’s service are eligible for a loaner device during the repair process. This form is to capture the customer’s agreement to the terms of the loan.

ITS-U-M Apple Developer Program Support

Use this form to request access to use the University of Michigan Apple developer credentials and/or assistance related to app signing


Designate a customer as a VIP or to remove a customer's VIP status. By default, all Faculty, and members of the "3D list" are VIP by default. The MiWorkspace Service needs to identify additional customers as VIPs.

NOTE: This is not Executive support. Select the ITS-MiWorkspace Executive Support form for VIP support changes.