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ITS-Academic Advising

This service is the application within PeopleSoft Campus Solutions that is used to track the requirements and policies that a student must satisfy in order to graduate.

ITS-Academic Technology Consultation

This form is to request 1:1 support for courses and projects for faculty and staff.

ITS-Access to Employee-Held Data for U-M Units - For use by HR Staff only

This form must be completed by the current owner's unit HR representative (if the current owner is a former employee, the unit HR from their most recent U-M role).

For resources and information related to this form and process, refer to Access to Employee-Held Data for U-M Units.

Note: If the current owner of the data has access to it and they can cooperate with the access request, you must work with that owner to get access to the data instead of proceeding with this request form.

ITS-Account Deprovisioning

This service removes users' access to U-M systems.

ITS-Accounts Payable Module

This service is an MPathways module that provides automated invoice and payment processing to ensure timely and accurate payment for goods and services.

ITS-Accounts Receivable & Billing Module

This Service is an MPathways module that allows the university to bill, record, and track payments for sponsored research and centralized general receivables.

For more info, see Accounts Receivable & Billing Module on the ITS website.

ITS-Active Directory (UMROOT)

This service supports UMROOT, which is the largest of several Windows Active Directory (AD) forests on campus. UMRoot is where users are created and both central and local units place their Active Directory (AD) objects for using the Windows infrastructure.

ITS-Active Directory Account Support

This form is to request support for managing Active Directory accounts including issues with existing accounts, password resets, creating new accounts, and disabling or deleting accounts. If there are multiple inactive UMROOT accounts that need to remain active, please include all accounts in one ticket, as opposed to submitting a ticket for each account.

ITS-Administrative Systems Training (My LINC)

This service is the University of Michigan’s web-based learning and information center, it offers a variety of learning activities to support operational users, compliance requirements, and professional development. The learning catalog includes training from ITS, Organizational Learning, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), PEERRS, the Shared Services Center, Treasurer’s Office, and more.

ITS-Amazon Web Services at U-M (AWS)

This service is a bundled remote computing service that provides cloud computing infrastructure over the Internet with storage, bandwidth and customized support for application programming interfaces (API).

ITS-Amazon Web Services at U-M (AWS) Account Requests

This form is for new subscriptions or to update a current Amazon Web Services at U-M subscriptions

ITS-Andrew File System (AFS)

This service is a central file storage, sharing, and retrieval system for U-M faculty, staff and students. Also known as Institutional File System (IFS), AFS lets you access your documents and files from different computers at different locations.

University of Michigan Information and Technology Services (ITS) is retiring Andrew File System (AFS) for Alumni and Retiree users in 2024. In early 2024, Alumni/Retiree AFS users will receive a downloadable link to their AFS information and AFS will be retired for Alumni/Retirees.

For more info, see Andrew File System (AFS) on the ITS website:

ITS-Andrew File System (AFS) Groups Request

This form is to request a new AFS group that can be used to host web sites with ITS web servers that mount AFS.

ITS-API Directory

This service offers a robust API publishing and subscription service. This university-wide directory allows secure and authorized access to institutional data for use in research and innovative applications.

ITS-API Directory - Request to Publish an API

This form is to request an API be promoted from Test to Prod, or to update an existing API in production.

ITS-API Directory Access Request

This form is to request access to the ITS API Directory for development


This service provides access to and support for advanced computing resources. ARC facilitates new and more powerful approaches to research challenges in fields ranging from physics to linguistics, and from engineering to medicine.

For more info, see the Advanced Research Computing website.

ITS-ARC - Export Controlled Software Agreement

This form is used by the ARC team as part of their process to have users agree to conditions related to use of ARC services

ITS-ARC Account

This form is to request the creation of an account on one of the HPC clusters (Great Lakes, Armis2, or Lighthouse). A shortcode is needed as customers have to pay to use HPC resources with the new account.


This form is to request user access to one of the HPC clusters (Great Lakes, Armis2, or Lighthouse).

ITS-Armis2 (HIPAA-Aligned Slurm Cluster)

This service, in conjunction with Turbo Research Storage, provides a secure, scalable, and distributed computing environment that aligns with HIPAA privacy standards.

ITS-Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This Service supports inquiries about Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools on U-M Campus. Submit your AI tool questions using this form.

ITS-Asset Management Module

This service is an MPathways module that is used to track and maintain information about the university’s assets, including their identification, acquisition data, current status, and financial data. This module allows users to update the description, location, and unit contact information for assets belonging to their department(s).

For more info, see Asset Management Module on the ITS website.

ITS-Assistive Tech Assistance

This service offers evaluations to explore high-tech accommodation options. These can improve technology use for people with short- or long-term disabilities. Our service is available to U-M students and staff who are not covered by other services. Training and problem solving help is also available. We have many years of experience recommending solutions. There is no charge.

To make an appointment or ask a question, please fill out the form below.

ITS-AUD General Service

Submit a request to the internal U-M Audit Services Support team

ITS-Audiovisual (AV) Service

This services provides a consistent and intuitive audiovisual experience. Our goal is to help units design and build sensible AV solutions that are cost-effective and are integrated with U-M infrastructure. ITS Audiovisual Service is available for conference rooms at schools, colleges, and other units on the U-M Ann Arbor campus.

ITS-Authenticated SMTP

This service is an alternative to using your regular mail account for correspondence with those whose university business needs are not met by the latter. Use for the outgoing (SMTP) mail server and use SSL for authentication.

ITS-Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Contact Centers

This service is a software feature for traditional telephones. It distributes incoming calls equally to unit agents and provides music or announcements for calls holding in a queue.

ITS-Benefits Administration Module

This Service is used by the U-M Benefits Office to manage benefit services for U-M faculty and staff and retired faculty and staff. 

Looking for verification of Insurance? Contact the Shared Services Center to request a letter by sending an email to You’ll receive a personalized letter for your auto insurance carrier within 10 business days. For more information on the Shared Services Center, please see


This Service is consolidated DHCP/DNS/IPAM network solution. The university hostmaster provides these services at no additional cost as part of the larger networking services on campus.


This service is the supported query and reporting tool for the U-M Data Warehouse.

Use BusinessObjects to run UM-maintained reports and to create and run ad hoc reports. BusinessObjects interfaces (also known as universes) have been developed for all data in the U-M Data Warehouse.

ITS-Cable Television

This service provides a full lineup of news, entertainment, and sports channels is available through our campus-wide cable network. Campus units can purchase a cable connection in most campus buildings. Cable service is available in residence hall lounges and other public areas, and in some graduate student apartments.

ITS-Campus Community Module

This service is an MPathways module that stores demographic information about all members of the university community in one location, eliminating the need to re-enter data when an individual changes their status.

For more information, see the Campus Community Module on the ITS website.

ITS-Campus Computing Sites

This service is available to those using their own device or a U-M computer, and offers no-hassle, secure, and free access to U-M provided software, desktop computing, and printing, all supported by knowledgeable support staff.

ITS-Campus Computing Sites Printing

This form is to request assistance with Printing at Campus Computing locations (also known as Sites) across campus via MPrint. Sites locations offer black and white, color, tabloid, or poster printers. Everyone is welcome to print at Campus Computing locations, though printing allocations vary.

Most Campus Computing Sites provide black and white laser printing, and several provide color or large format printing. Use this request for support of these printers.

ITS-Campus Computing Sites Software Deployment Request

This form allows Instructors to request specialty software to be available on Campus Computing Sites computers for your course

ITS-Campus Computing Sites Software Exception

This form is used to request a exception access to Campus Computing Sites Software.  Software access at Campus Computing Sites is granted based on university affiliation. You may request access to additional software titles even if that title is not eligible based on your affiliation.

Software licenses and your role at the University of Michigan, determine what software you can access on a Sites workstation. There are circumstances where an individual of an excluded role does have a legitimate reason for using a software title that is not in conflict with the intent of the licensing terms. You can use this form to request we make an exception. Sites staff review and approved exceptions on a case by case basis.

Exceptions are valid for a single academic year. After the end of summer term, and before the start of fall term, the exceptions will expire.

ITS-Campus Computing Sites Space Reservation System

This form is to request to reserve one of the several computing classrooms for instructional purposes.


This service is a cloud-based learning management system used by most U-M instructors and students to facilitate teaching, learning and collaboration. External applications, including Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) applications, can be integrated within Canvas courses to support and enhance teaching and learning activities both online and in the classroom.

ITS-Canvas Accessibility

This form is to request assistance with accessibility in Canvas

ITS-Canvas Catalog

This service is learning solution that includes a course catalog, course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform.

ITS-Canvas Google Assignments (LTI 1.3)

This for can be used for inquires related to  Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) for Canvas that provides enhanced features compared to the existing Google Apps LTI installed in Canvas. Google Assignments is available for all courses in Canvas, however instructors wanting to use this tool will need to opt-in their course. This tool can be enabled along with the Google Apps and Google Drive LTIs.

ITS-Canvas Learning Tools Interoperability

This form allows Canvas course owners and sub-account admins to request the integration of LTI-enabled external tools and applications into the U-M Canvas Learning Management System. Integration of externally-provided applications gives instructors the ability to infinitely extend the functionality of the Canvas LMS beyond its core tool capabilities.

ITS-Canvas Tout Requests

This form is for faculty, students, and instructors to request a tout be posted on the U-M Canvas carousel at the top of the U-M Canvas page.

ITS-Cellular on Campus

This service manages the design, construction, support and maintenance of indoor and outdoor cellular infrastructure across campus, maintains partnerships with cellular service providers, and provides support to campus for LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi Calling solutions. The service also offers radiofrequency (RF) surveying, cellular device/plan selection and spectrum management/allocation consulting.

ITS-Centrex Telephone

This service consists of lines that the university has rented from an external vendor which are routed through our telephone switch to enable 5-digit dialing.


This service provides a critical security capability to protect university websites, web applications, and DNS servers from external attacks, particularly Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as well as attacks that attempt to compromise university web sites/apps

ITS-Collaboration Services Shared Accounts

This service allows units and organizations to use U-M Box and U-M Google accounts for email and calendars and to share access to centrally owned files. It is owned by the unit or organization instead of an individual. Individuals manage the account through their own account and can transfer it to others as needed. With their own individual account, designated people can send and receive email, post events, share calendars, and collaborate on files, all acting as the Shared Account. Instead of logging into them, Shared Accounts are mainly managed through an individual’s own account.

ITS-Contact Centers

This service is built on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. Cisco Finesse is the client used by agents and supervisors for call handling and queue insight. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) provides real-time and historical reporting. Both Finesse and CUIC are web-based clients eliminating the need for client software upgrades. Amazon Connect is currently available to Shared Services Center (SSC) staff.

ITS-Container Service

This service provides a high availability, secure environment for hosting containerized applications and services.

ITS-Core Network (Backbone & Common Equipment) Ann Arbor

This service is composed of a set of devices and communication media that connect all Ann Arbor campus buildings together and that connect to the internet.

ITS-Core Network (Backbone & Common Equipment) Dearborn

This service is composed of a set of devices and communication media that connect all Dearborn campus buildings together and that connect to the internet.

ITS-Curriculum Module

This service supports the capture and maintenance of data related to the courses and classes available at the University of Michigan.

ITS-Customer Relations

This service offers liaisons between campus units and Information and Technology Services. Customer Relationship managers campus units across the entire U-M community to inform them, to learn about their business requirements and priorities, and to advocate for their technology needs. The focus is on building relationships that provide both the campus units and ITS with better communication and closer partnership by connecting campus units with the appropriate technology resources.

ITS-Data Center Access Request

This form is to request access to ITS Data Centers for UM Employees and Vendors

ITS-Data Center Engineering

This service provides general data center support including racking, cabling, and powering of equipment. Schedules and conducts preventative and break/fix maintenance work at ITS data center and telephony room locations across campus.

ITS-Data Center Firewalls

This service protects specific network activities to and from specific projects, systems, and information housed in university data centers (e.g., sensitive research projects, Wolverine Access transactions, MiServer instances, and others).

ITS-Data Center Management Tools

This service is a suite of tools that allow for the management and monitoring of data center and telephony room locations and assets across campus.

ITS-Data Center Operations

This service provides access control, after-hours entry, production monitoring support, and service restoration for data centers.

ITS-Data Circuits

This service provides T1, DS-1, or DS3 circuits that provide point to point connectivity on and off campus for data networks.

ITS-Data Concierge

This Service is intended to be a one-stop shop for university data needs. The Data Concierge team aims to provide a way to request and obtain data in a consistent, timely, and secure manner in close collaboration with data owners and subject matter experts. ITS team will leverage and complement existing successful data request processes available today and make them more visible and transparent.
Data Concierge will help U-M administrators better meet the changing operational needs of the university, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. 
Data Concierge's goal is to create an unparalleled IT environment at U-M that will accelerate the creativity and innovation that “makes blue go” and supports the university’s teaching, learning, and research activities.

ITS-Data Den Research Archive

This service is for preserving electronic data generated from research activities. It is a low-cost, highly durable storage system and is the largest storage system operated by Advanced Research Computing (ARC).

ITS-Data Request

This form is for the Data Concierge service pilot to enable users to request and obtain administrative and learning management data (FIN, HR, Research, Student, Development, Learning Management, etc.) in a consistent, timely, and secure manner in close collaboration with data owners and subject matter experts. The ITS DISC team will leverage and complement existing successful data request processes and make them more consistent and transparent.

ITS-Data Science Consulting

This service helps people with research data analytics and workflows. Includes expert help with Machine Learning.


This Service is a data virtualization and data integration platform

ITS-Desktop Backup (Crashplan)

This service can be used to automatically back-up critical data stored on university-owned computers that isn't stored elsewhere. CrashPlan, the software powering the ITS Desktop Backup service, is designed to protect your data files, allowing you to restore your content to a repaired or replaced computer in case of theft or a hard drive crash.

For Desktop Backup (CrashPlan) support, please visit or contact the ITS Service Center

ITS-Desktop Support Contract Services

This service is for campus units requiring additional IT desktop support personnel to meet surge, project, or event staffing needs are able to contract with ITS to receive help from the Neighborhood IT desktop support group within ITS.

ITS-Device Configuration Tool (DCT)

This service allows basic port maintenance tasks on network switches.

ITS-Digital Accessibility

This Service provide assistance or collaboration with making information technology (websites, documents, media) accessible to work towards meeting the requirements of the EIT Accessibility Standard Practice Guide on campus.

ITS-Digital Asset Collaborative

This Service provides an enterprise tool and framework for use across all U-M campuses and Michigan Medicine to organize, manage, and collaborate on digital assets used in marketing, communications. Specifically, the following types of digital assets will be maintained in the system: photographs, still images, graphics, and branding materials.
Video and Audio files are planned to be supported in the future, along with academic (instructional and research) business needs.

ITS-Digital Asset Collaborative Access Request

This form can be used to request new or modified access to the digital asset management system for the Digital Asset Collaborative at U-M service.

ITS-Digital Signage

This service offers high-impact visible communication to anyone in U-M buildings and public areas on the U-M Campus.
The ITS Digital Signage service provides a shared digital signage infrastructure and centrally managed media content. Content can include live data, RSS feeds, text, images, HTML, Video, Flash, Excel, PDFs, maps, weather, videos and more!

See the Digital Signage site for more information:

ITS-Digital UX Support

This service supports the practice of designing to balance users' needs and the goals of the application. UX allows users to accomplish their tasks in ways that feel "easy" and “intuitive” by translating User Research into functionality, design and the final product.

ITS-DirectAccess as a Service

Scheduled to retire 4/3/2024, the replacement is to utilize the existing Cisco VPN client. This service is a for schools, colleges, and auxiliary units who wish to provide their constituents with secure access to U-M resources from off campus by subscribing Windows 10 computers to route network traffic through the MiWorkspace DirectAccess servers. The service can be leveraged by Unit IT, who will be responsible for tier 1 and 2 desktop support regarding DirectAccess. The available feature set is included with the MiWorkspace Service.

DirectAccess is available to units with local IT staff on the UM-Ann Arbor campus provided those units are federated to the Ann Arbor campus Active Directory forest.

The service is included in MiWorkspace and is administered by ITS.

ITS-Distributed Firewalls

This service protects and prevent malicious traffic in the MiServer virtual server environment.

ITS-Document Imaging System

This service is an enterprise content management system (also known as a document management system) that serves as a repository for capturing and indexing critical documents that support various business processes around the university. Users of the system can upload and organize paper and electronic documents and retrieve those documents securely.

ITS-Donor & Alumni Relationship Tool (DART)

This service is the constituent relationship management system used for fundraising efforts at the University. It is the single source for managing information about relationships and interactions that the University has with its donors, alumni, colleagues, friends, foundations and corporations. The system shares information with the Office of University Development, Development staff across the administrative and academic units on all three U-M campuses as well as Michigan Medicine, and the Alumni Association.

ITS-Dropbox at U-M

This service is a cloud file storage option that provides automatic back-up and is readily accessible from any device

ITS-Electronic Signature (U-M SignNow)

This service provides a secure application that enables users to electronically prepare and send University business documents for the purpose of requesting and obtaining digital signatures and other information on those documents. Users can upload various types of document formats (e.g., Google, Word, Excel, pdf), then prepare the uploaded document for recipients to enter any necessary information (e.g., name, date, other information, initials).

ITS-Elevated Access Management (Passwordstate AD Group Request)

This form is used to provide Active Directory group information to the IAM Elevated Access Management team for security groups as part of a Passwordstate configuration.

ITS-Elevated Access Management (Passwordstate)

This Service is for unit and research project implementations; it is not available to individuals other than through their units.

ITS-Engineering Contract Services

This service is available to campus units requiring general compute engineering support to meet project needs are able to contract with ITS to receive help from the ITS EUC MiWorkspace Engineering team.

ITS-Enhanced Endpoint Protection

This service provides anti-virus/anti-malware, along with industry-leading threat detection and mitigation capabilities that provide protection for U-M owned machines against ransomware and other malicious attacks. In addition, Falcon provides a tenant/sub-tenant model that allows interested units to have Falcon console access to review and respond to cyber threat detections within their units

Enhanced Endpoint Protection powered by CrowdStrike Falcon
Use this form for support requests or to add/remove unit IT staff access to the Falcon console.

ITS-Enterprise Health

This Service is an electronic medical record (EMR) solution that serves Occupational Health Services as their core EMR and serves as the tool for tracking vaccination/immunizations across U-M in alignment with U-M policy.

Enterprise Health can be found at

Information about Occupational Health Services can be found at

ITS-Enterprise Salesforce Organization

This Service is the ITS-supported, centralized org for units to house their CRM-focused business processes. ITS, via the Salesforce Center of Excellence (SFCOE) team, consults with units to scope and build the org as well as provide ongoing support and governance.
Participation in the ITS Enterprise Salesforce org brings centralized infrastructure such as data integrations with institutional data sources, managed backup, and disaster recovery.

ITS-Enterprise Storage (SAN)

This service is a is high-speed storage connected via fiber optics for maximum performance, with real-time mirroring between two data centers. This storage is used to deliver other services including MiBackup and AFS, and is not offered as a rate-based service to campus.


This service is is the University of Michigan's site for electronic research administration.

ITS-eResearch eRAM

This service service is a web-based system that accommodates the electronic management of Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) animal use research protocols, controlled substances, and the associated ordering, census, and invoicing of animals for the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM) at the University of Michigan.

ITS-eResearch MiCores

MiCORES is a core facility management system designed to support operations for a myriad of types and sizes of centralized labs and shared resource facilities. The modular web-based software solution's functionality includes calendars for reserving specific resources, access control for sensitive or validated equipment, billing and reporting, and time and cost tracking against projects.

ITS-eResearch M-Inform Conflict of Interest (COI)

This service is used by U-M faculty and staff to disclose their outside interests and manage any conflicts of interest (COI).

ITS-eResearch ORSP Tier 3 Report Request

This form is for report requests for OSRP (Office of Research and Sponsored Projects)

ITS-eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)

This service supports proposal submissions for external funding, award management, unfunded agreements, and clinical trial routing forms. Used for the electronic routing, approval, and submission of proposals (PAFs) and Unfunded Agreements (UFAs) to external sponsors, Clinical Trial Routing Forms, and Awards.

ITS-eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) Admin Personnel Change Request

This form is to request change for eResearch Proposal Mgmt (eRPM)

ITS-eResearch Regulatory Management

This service provides review and approval processes for the U-M Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and the U-M Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Researchers use it to submit applications for research related to Human Subjects, Repository, and IBC Biosafety.

ITS-External Domain Name Registration (DNS)

This form is used to submit requests to register domains outside (like .org, .net, .com, and other domains)
These registrations require departmental approval and annual fees paid for using a university Shortcode.

ITS-Fiber Infrastructure

This service is used to connect devices to campus networks. It is comprised of microscopic strands of glass, and permits data to travel over longer distances at higher bandwidths than other types of cable.

ITS-Financial Application Service

This service consists of all integrated financial system modules, which provide information to and rely on information from one another.

ITS-Financials Reporting

This Service offers reporting on data in the U-M Financials system

ITS-Firewall Change Requests

This form can be used to request changes to ITS managed four Network Firewalls:

1. Data Center Firewalls - Cisco ASA (ASB and MACC)
2. NGFW Firewalls -  Palo Alto (Campus Users and Staff Networks)
3. Distributed Firewall - VMware NSX (MiServer)
4. Legacy Customer Firewalls - Cisco ASA/FirePower
When you submit a request by using the form, your request is routed directly to the team responsible for reviewing, approving, and implementing your change to the firewall. Once you submit the request, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 3 business days, you will receive a second email when the request is completed. If this change needs to be implemented immediately, after submitting this form please contact the ITS Service Center at 734-764-HELP.


This Service supports network firewalls, which are security devices used to stop or mitigate unauthorized access to private networks connected to the Internet.

ITS-Fixed Wireless Link

This Service is a type of Wireless Service on campus

ITS-Friend Accounts

This Service provides an account which allows someone who does not have a U-M uniqname and UMICH password to authenticate to the U-M computing environment; to log in to the environment and be identified. It does not automatically authorize that person to use any services.

ITS-General Ledger Module

This Service provides an account which allows someone who does not have a U-M uniqname and UMICH password to authenticate to the U-M computing environment; to log in to the environment and be identified. It does notautomatically authorize that person to use any services.

ITS-Globus File Transfer and Data Sharing

This service is a robust cloud-based file transfer service designed to move many large files, ranging from 10s of GBs to 10s of TBs. ARC-TS is a Globus Subscription Provider for the U-M community, which allows unlimited data transfers and special features such as data sharing. issues with Globus and MiStorage should bedirected to ITS-Storage

ITS-Google at U-M

This service is software bundle that includes the core Google Apps of Email, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Contacts, and Chat as well as over 40 other apps designed to improve collaboration.

ITS-Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at U-M

This Service is a suite of products & services that includes application hosting, cloud computing, database services and more.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at U-M is offered to current faculty and staff only

ITS-Google Cloud Platform (GCP) at U-M Account Requests

This form is for general requests pertaining to the Google Cloud Platform service.

ITS-Google Mail Transfer

This form is for requesting a mail transfer to copy email from one account to another account.

ITS-Great Lakes (HPC Cluster)

This Service is available to all researchers on campus for simulation, modeling, machine learning, data science, genomics, and more. The platform provides a balanced combination of computing power, I/O performance, storage capability, and accelerators.

ITS-Grouper at U-M

This Service is an access management tool with current institutional data available to create groups and automatically sync them where they are needed to control access to services

Group membership can be created using available institutional data in Grouper.
Your service is able to read group membership to control access from either UMROOT Active Directory or eDirectory (MCommunity) targets.
Identities external to U-M without a uniqname do not need access to your service. People entitled to access your service must all have a uniqname.
Grouper is the authoritative source for group membership.


This service is for both Exception and Standard DNS requests.

ITS-Housing Network Device Registration

This service to supports the housing requirement that users register all devices that connect to the wired network in U-M residence halls.

ITS-HR Administration: Award

Use this link to access the form to submit a Focus on Excellence Award or ITS Difference Award.

ITS-HR Administration: Tuition Support

Use this link to access the form for tuition support.

ITS-Human Resources Management System

This service provides a single source of information about U-M employees, prospective employees, and retirees, eliminating the effort of maintaining and coordinating individual databases within different departments. The system shares information across the administrative and academic units on all three U-M campuses, in U-M Hospital and Health Services, and in university departments that provide staff services (such as Athletics and Parking Operations).

ITS-Human Subject Incentive Payment (HSIP)

This service is a payment given to an individual as compensation for participating in a research study. At the University of Michigan, the Human Subject Incentive Program (HSIP) staff oversees and administers the payment process.

ITS-IA Security Unit Liaison

This form allows units to add a Security Unit Liason (SUL) assignment, remove SUL assignment, or replace an SUL assignment

ITS-Identity Governance Tool

This service is an optional tool to strategically and proactively manage access to university digital and physical resources. IG automatically grants and revokes access for users across systems as the users’ data changes.

ITS-Immigration Management (SEVIS)

This service is a federal web-based system for maintaining information on international nonimmigrant students and exchange visitors in the United States. It is the core technology for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in this critical mission. Student data is exchanged with SEVIS via Terra Dotta ISSS that is run by the Student Life division. ITS maintains an integration between ISSS and the Student Administration System for student data, which is needed for ISSS to operate and integrate with DHS.

ITS-In-Building Networks

This service is architected for speed, reliability, capacity, and redundancy to handle the wireless and wired networking needs of unit faculty, staff, and students in a particular building.

ITS-InCommon Certificate Service

This service makes InCommon server certificates and Active Directory (UMROOT) certificates available for U-M use, as well as roll-up certificate bundles supports the use of InCommon SSL certificates, which are recommended for university websites. They are free through U-M's membership in InCommon and trusted by all popular web browsers and operating systems.

ITS-InCommon Certificate Service ACME

This form for the InCommon Certificate Service is used to get your university unit or group set up to obtain and renew InCommon certificates via ACME clients such as certbot and win-acme. Requests for access are usually handled within two business days.

Fill out and submit this form to get your university unit or group set up to obtain and renew InCommon certificates via ACME clients such as certbot and win-acme. Requests for access are usually handled within two business days.

ITS-InCommon Certificate Service ICM Web App

This form for the Incommon Certificate Service is used to get your university unit set up to obtain and renew InCommon certificates through the InCommon Certificate Manager (ICM) web application. Access to the ICM web app

Fill out and submit this form to get your university unit set up to obtain and renew InCommon certificates through the InCommon Certificate Manager (ICM) web application. Access to the ICM web app requires that your unit have 20 or more certificates and that you have at all times two or more IT staff who can manage your certificates. Requests for access are usually handled within two business days.


This Service is used to facilitate application processes and automate workflows related to internal review processes and decision making for internal funding opportunities, fellowships, awards, competitions and events.

ITS-Informatica Cloud at U-M

This Service is a cloud-based extract, transform, and load (ETL) product designed to perform large data operations. Informatica Cloud is an on-demand subscription service that provides a complete platform for cloud integration and data management.

ITS-Infrastructure Data Integration ETL

This service is API development for network tools and services.

ITS-Infrastructure Performance Support

Internal to ITS, this Service is to request assistance from the Infrastructure Performance Support Analyst (PSA) team, whch helps ITS customers use and understand technologies by providing change management, communication, technical training, and support. The team also manages small projects or collaborates with service leaders to launch new services or help users adopt the change in existing services.


This service supports checking the status of most network devices on campus. Review network maps by building and a list of all current and recent outages.


This service provides the main connection to the outside world: the high performance networks of Internet2, the Big Ten Academic Alliance shared network, and the commercial internet.

ITS-Inventory Application Service Module

This service consists of technologies and tools which support the business services used to manage the products acquired through Supply Chain for the university. Inventory Application Service is a flexible, comprehensive inventory management system that enables increased inventory accuracy and customer service levels while reducing costs and inventory write-offs.


This service is a web-based solution created by iFax Solutions that eliminates the need for a fax machine to send and receive faxes.

Copies of sent and received faxes are forwarded to an individual or group email account, and originals are removed every 24 hours from the central servers.

Accounts are tied to 10-digit university phone numbers, located on a university server, and connected to the university telecommunications infrastructure and the internet. IP Fax accounts are currently available on the Ann Arbor campus."

ITS-ITS Websites

This Service is all websites, and any other ITS websites.

ITS-Izzy for iOS Platform as a Service

This service provides end-to-end lifecycle management of iOS devices. The platform offers the ability to deploy, upgrade, configure, and manage iOS within the limits of the Apple MDM API, as well as deploy software titles purchased via the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

ITS-Izzy for Mac Platform as a Service

This service provides a cost-effective Mac management solution that enables units to deliver consistently configured workstations in a zero/light touch operational model.

ITS-Jira Archive Viewer

Internal to ITS, this Service allows users of the retired ITS Jira Service to view archived Jira data. The Jira Service was used by ITS staff to plan, track, and manage agile and software development projects.

ITS-LDAP Access to MCommunity

This form is to request access that provides data via the MCommunity LDAP Tree.

ITS-Learning Analytics Data as a Service

This service provides a single point of coordination to facilitate faculty, staff, and researcher requests for learning data. We can assist with data request reviews and approvals through the U-M data governance process and help with data collection, use, and integration.

ITS-Lighthouse (HPC Cluster for Researcher-Owned Hardware)

This service supports researchers with grants that require the purchase of computing hardware. Lighthouse allows researchers to place their own hardware within the ARC-TS HPC Slurm environment. This is a dedicated HPC cluster which provides the same capability as the Flux Operating Environment (FOE) did as a part of Flux.

ITS-LinkedIn Learning

This service is an online-learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Members have access to the LinkedIn Learning video library. Members can also connect their LinkedIn Learning history to their LinkedIn account for a more personalized learning experience.

ITS-Linux Server Support

This service provides systems administration support for Linux servers.

ITS-Live Event Streaming

This service provides personalized consultation to set up a live event video stream.

ITS-Live Event Video Consulting

This service provides personalized consultation to set up a live event video stream.

ITS-Load Testing

Internal to ITS load testing ensures that web applications and some other services can handle anticipated usage levels without slowness, degradation, or outages. Load testing is an industry best practice and part of due diligence when launching new services and making major changes or upgrades to existing services.  Not having good load testing available exposes ITS to risk.

ITS-Locker Large-File Storage

This service is a cost-optimized, high-capacity, large-file storage service for research data. Locker provides high-performance for large files, and allows investigators across U-M Ann Arbor to connect their data to computing resources necessary for their research, including U-M’s HPC clusters.

ITS-Mail Relay

This service relays mail on behalf of other machines, devices, and applications that require an ""outbound mail server"" and are unable to use authenticated SMTP—that is, that are unable to use

The mail relay service is not intended for use by personal workstations or applications that support authenticated SMTP. It is also not intended for relaying unofficial, unsolicited bulk mail."

ITS-Mail Routing

This service is a middleware architecture that supports the secure and optimized delivery of email message.

ITS-Managed Security Services

This service is managed by ITS Information Assurance. This is a for fee service provided to units on campus.


This service provides support for the University of Michigan's official identification card program. It covers creating, issuing, and tracking an Mcard for individuals who are engaged in University business. The card creates the identification for the individual. Everyone within the university community is required to have a valid Mcard.

ITS-MCard Hardware Support

This form is to request assistance with Mcard Hardware including Printers and Cameras

ITS-MCommunity Directory

This service is a public directory of people and groups at the University of Michigan. All current members of the U-M community have profiles in the MCommunity Directory. This includes faculty, staff, students, retirees, alumni, and sponsored affiliates. Anyone who has a profile in the directory can create groups in the directory. It is an an enterprise directory; it covers the entire university. It is part of a larger identity management system that allows the university to know who is and is not a member of the U-M community so that central offices—as well as departments, schools, colleges, and campuses—can grant and remove access to their online resources as needed and appropriate.

ITS-MCommunity Sponsored Account

This service allows authorized U-M staff members to create uniqnames and access to standard computing services for university affiliates who are not faculty, staff, or students.

ITS-M-Compass & Travel Registries

This service is a secure system for faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates to record travel plans and contact information. The registry is a convenient, one- stop service that supports emergency communications and access to University approved travel abroad health insurance.


This service provides automatic, scheduled, remote data backup for files located on servers that are managed by University of Michigan faculty, staff, and students.

ITS-Michigan App

This service is a mobile application that provides in-app messages and announcements related to academic life, personalized class schedule information, news, well-being content, bus stops, parking locations, dining halls, featured university events, and emergency alert push notifications.

ITS-Microsoft Azure at U-M

This service is a collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers. Azure allows the freedom to build and deploy where you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

ITS-Microsoft Azure at U-M Account Requests

This form is for account requests for the Microsoft Azure service. Available to all UM Faculty and Staff.

ITS-Microsoft Exchange Voicemail

This service is provided to faculty and staff on the Ann Arbor campuses.This Service is scheduled to retire by 12/31/24
Exchange Voicemail Features:
- 50 MB mailboxes for messages
- Access to messages from your:
- Telephone (requires a PIN)
- Outlook Web App (OWA) (requires a password)
- Email
- Speech (voice) and touch tone (key) commands from your phone
- Audio and speech-to-text options from OWA and email
- Receive fax messages

ITS-Microsoft Teams

This service is a communication and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. It incorporates a feature set similar to Zoom, Google Meet, and other products offering workspace chat, videoconferencing, and file collaboration.


This service is database hosting service available throughout the University of Michigan. MiDatabase provides campus with a centrally managed, on-premise cloud environment that reduces the cost, risk and overhead involved in running services independently.

ITS-MiDatabase Account Requests

This form is for requesting a MiDatabase account.


This service offers a highly available and secure environment while drastically reducing the complexity and cost of deploying a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

ITS-MiDesktop Delete Base Image

This form is for existing MiDesktop customers to delete a base image.

ITS-MiDesktop Delete Pool

This form is for existing MiDesktop customers to delete a desktop pool.

ITS-MiDesktop Modify Base Image

This form is for existing MiDesktop customers to modify a base image.

ITS-MiDesktop Modify Pool

This form is for existing MiDesktop customers to modify a desktop pool.

ITS-MiDesktop New Order

This form is for new MiDesktop customers who need to place an order.


This service is a virtual server environment managed by ITS. Subscribers may select either the core service, where they install and administer the operating system (OS), software, and applications, or a managed operating system at no additional cost, which allows a focus on managing applications instead of the OS


This service provides U-M faculty, staff, and students the ability to store and access large amounts of data to support their specific application(s) in a user-friendly, secure, and cost-effective environment.

ITS-MiVideo Captioning, Transcription & Audio Descriptions

This service is U-M’s cloud-based media streaming service. This content management service helps organize, catalog, share, search, and publish multimedia content.

ITS-MiVideo Lecture Capture

This service is a client application for Windows and Mac that provides a variety of recording and annotation tools. It is available in My Media through Canvas. Types of recordings include any combination of: audio, screen, webcam, PowerPoint presentation

ITS-MiVideo Support

This form is for MiVideo customers to request assistance


This service is a desktop support service that provides network connectivity to your computers and devices, delivery of software and security updates, printing, and access to a team of desktop support professionals. The service standardizes common desktop support work across campus, allowing units to focus on mission-critical technology.

ITS-MiWorkspace Asset Tag and Asset Record

This form is Internal to ITS. Form to request a tag for a MiWorkspace computer

ITS-MiWorkspace Computer Take Down/Set Up

This form is to request take down of a MiWorkspace computer in one location and set it up in another location

ITS-MiWorkspace Encryption Exception

This form is Internal to ITS. Form to request exception to MiWorkspace Encryption Policy. MiWorkspace laptop computers are encryped by default, if a customer needs their MiWorkspace computer not to be encrypted, use this process to get approval from IA, then have MiWorkspace unencrypt

ITS-MiWorkspace Event Support

This form is for MiWorkspace customers to request assistance with events

ITS-MiWorkspace Executive Support

Internal to ITS. This Service is the MiWorkspace Service, which has special support provided to U-M executive officers, including a dedicated oncall

ITS-MiWorkspace IT Hardware Purchase

This form is for MiWorkspace customers to request assistance with purchasing computers and/or peripherals for customers

ITS-MiWorkspace Loaner

This form is used in support of MiWorkspace computer equipment on loan.

ITS-MiWorkspace Modify or Delete an Active Otto Refresh Ticket

This form is used by Neighborhood IT to request that Depot refresh admins change or update a ticket in Otto, the system used to managed MiWorkspace computer replacements

ITS-MiWorkspace Offboarding

This form is to initiate the voluntary offboarding of an employee from the MiWorkspace service. The offboarding process deprovisions network access, personal and departmental storage, printing, and hardware with appropriate software (if applicable). If the employee is moving to a different unit, their access will be appropriately updated.

If the offboarding is not voluntary and immediate termination of services is required the departments HR representative is required to call 4Help.

ITS-MiWorkspace Onboarding

This form is to initiate onboarding a new employee to MiWorkspace Onbboarding includes the computing resources and access required to get started on their first day. The onboarding process provisions network access, personal and departmental storage, printing, and hardware with appropriate software (if needed). The onboarding process and form is available to units who subscribe to the MiWorkspace service.

ITS-MiWorkspace Printing

This service is available to faculty, staff, and students who work for university units that subscribe to the MiWorkspace service or to the MPrint printing service.

ITS-MiWorkspace Refresh

This form is Internal to ITS. This form is used by MiWorkspace to manage the refresh process.

ITS-MiWorkspace Software Packaging

MiWorkspace and Platform-as-a-Service Unit Representatives can use this form to request additions to the software applications available in Windows Software Center or Mac Managed Software center.

ITS-MiWorkspace Update Asset Location

This form is Internal to ITS. This form is used by MiWorkspace as a subprocess of the refresh process. If a customer reports a different locationof their computer, this workflow gets kicked off to update the asset record for that computer. This form should only be used by that automated process

ITS-MiWorkspace Workstation Home Deployment (Mac)

This form is Internal to ITS. This form is used by MiWorkspace Depot to purchase and deploy MiWorkspace Macs to customers at home.

ITS-MiWorkspace Workstation Home Deployment (Windows)

This form is Internal to ITS. This form is used by MiWorkspace Depot to purchase and deploy MiWorkspace Windows to customers at home.

ITS-M-Marketsite Support

This service is support of the university’s online catalog ordering system, which allows you to browse prices and product specifications and create orders for many U-M contracted suppliers.

ITS-MPrint Hardware Deployment

This form is for MiWorkspace and MPrint customers to schedule upcoming printer hardware deployments

ITS-MPrint Hardware Recommendations

This form is for MiWorkspace and MPrint customers to request recommendation from the MPrint Team on what type of hardware might be best suited for new or replacement printers

ITS-MPrint Mobile Application

This Form is to request assistance or provide feedback on the Mobile Application of the MPrint service.  MPrint is designed to provide a simpler way to print, by taking advantage of Follow Me Printing.
With the MPrint Mobile App, you are able to:

- Upload docs to Follow Me from your phone.
- Release Follow Me jobs to any printer on campus with a yellow MPrint print queue label.
- Delete jobs from the Follow Me queue.
- Detect printers near you to release your print job.

ITS-MPrint Platform as a Service

This service enables printing from university-owned and personally-owned devices to a broad spectrum of university-owned network printers.


This service delivers management reports in a customizable user interface. This system offers:
- Alerts, metrics, and personalized reports based on your user profile, user preferences, and role-based security.
- Guided analysis on specific content with links that drill-down to associated detail.
- Report data sourced from multiple databases (e.g., M-Pathways Production, U-M Data Warehouse, unit systems).
- Content developed and published by ITS and University units.
- An intuitive interface.

ITS-My Learning Analytics (MyLA)

This service is an analytic service offered by ITS Teaching & Learning. My Learning Analytics (MyLA) provides students with information about their engagement with course materials and resources, assignments, and grades in a Canvas course.

ITS-MySQL Database

This service is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

ITS-NameCoach Salutation

This service is a web-based tool that allows users to record, listen to, and learn names. It enables units to promote organizational Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, foster employee retention, and forge better customer relationships. All U-M students, faculty, staff, and alumni on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, and at Michigan Medicine are eligible to use NameCoach. See more details on our NameCoach service page.

For help with Namecoach, contact the ITS Service Center .

Use this form to request a NameCoach Salutation, a "name page" that can be managed by your Department Admin/Event Host.  The name page provides the pronunciation of event invitees' names for any events where you want to build inclusion and a sense of belonging, such as commencement, admissions-related events, award ceremonies, outreach programs, and others

To begin the creation of a name page and expedite the process, event hosts should use this form to provide preliminary information that is neede


This service is an open source web application designed to help manage and document computer networks.NetBox was developed specifically to address the needs of network and infrastructure engineers.


This service is an interface to allow delegation of specific IT infrastructure management tasks to IT teams outside of a central IT team. This is implemented with a suite of extensible Django apps and core Django project that seamlessly integrate new modules and customizations without requiring code changes.


This service is used to locate devices on the network and where they are connected using MAC or IP address. Search by device vendor, switch, IP address, MAC address, or generate a report of used and unused IP addresses in a subnet.

ITS-Network Border Infrastructure (NBIS)

This service protects the entire University of Michigan, while not impacting the transfer of large amounts of data.

ITS-Network Border Infrastructure | Blocked Port Exception

This form can be used to request changes to ITS Managed remote access protocols.

ITS-Network Design Build

This service supports the design and build new or upgrades of network services.

ITS-Network Extension Review

This form is for providing the required documentation and initiating the required review and approval process by ITS Network Infrastructure, in consultation with ITS Information Assurance, prior to activation of any Network Extension to the U-M Network per the University wide Network Security Standard (DS-14).

ITS-Network Information Database (NetInfo)

This service allows review of information on university networks, including: network name, IP subnet ranges, VLAN ID, physical location, description/purpose, and contact information for network hosts.

ITS-Network Vulnerability Scanning

This service is a routine quarterly scans of all University of Michigan owned and managed networks by Information Assurance (IA). There are options for monthly and on-demand scanning service on request. All networks, systems, databases, or applications that create, maintain, process, transmit, or store data classified as High or Restricted must be scanned monthly.

ITS-Next Generation Firewalls

This service is part of the university’s overall information security framework. The NGFW protects university information assets from cybercriminals and stops threats to the network through the application of content inspection, cloud-based threat intelligence, and malicious software analysis. The platform provides consistent protection and enhances the university’s information security efforts.

ITS-Non-Person / System Accounts

This service provides administrator accounts (such as domain or organizational unit administrators), accounts used by vendors, and service accounts.

ITS-Off Campus Networks

This service is used for buildings that don't have a direct connect to the campus network.

ITS-Office 365 at U-M

This service is an all-in-one Software as a Service.  This offering is not intended to replace Google as the primary productivity tool for U-M academic campuses.
U-M Microsoft Office 365 is available to current UM faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates, and emeritus with regular (not temporary) uniqnames. Alumni and retirees are not included in the university's licensing terms with Microsoft.
Collaboration & Learning:
- Productivity (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
- OneDrive
- SharePoint Online
- Forms
Classroom Tools:
- OneNote Class Notebook
More Inclusive Classrooms:
- Learning Tools
- Accessibility Checker
- Office Lens
Game Based Learning:
- Minecraft Education Edition

ITS-Online Access Request System (OARS)

This service is a tool for requesting and authorizing access to administrative data in ITS-managed systems and applications. It is also used to remove access when an employee no longer has a business need for that access, such as when an employee changes roles or transfers to another unit.

ITS-Oracle Database

This service is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation.

ITS-Oracle Database Support - Reset Passwords and Unlock Accounts

Use this form to request that Oracle database account(s) be unlocked, or password(s) reset.

To submit this form, you must be the person to whom the Oracle account(s) has been assigned - you may not submit this form on behalf of another person.

In the "Request Info" section below, please select whether to unlock account(s) or to reset password(s). In the "Additional Comments" box, indicate each username and database for which action is requested, on separate lines. Some example entries are:


This form should only be used to request the resetting or Oracle passwords or the unlocking of Oracle accounts. Use OARS and submit a request there to remove any Oracle database accounts that are no longer used and should be deleted permanently.


This Service is ORCID Open Researcher and Contributor ID. The ORCID initiative focuses on solving the name ambiguity problem by creating persistent unique identifiers and linking mechanisms between different ID schemes and research objects.
ORCiD IDs are unique identifiers used to ensure that your published research is accurately attributed to you. They are used worldwide by publishers, institutions, and funding agencies. We encourage U-M researchers to add their ORCiD iD to their MCommunity profile.

ITS-Outreach and Special Programs

This service helps you move your summer programs online. Fill out this form to tell us about your program and let us know which of these ITS services you're interested in: Canvas, U-M Google Suite, U-M Zoom, Sponsored accounts for participants, Camp Doc Pilot, Consultation with the Center for Educational Outreach

ITS-Passwords (Kerberos at U-M)

This service is used for authentication (to validate that you are who you say you are) when logging in to many services and systems at U-M. Kerberos will continue to be available, but we recommend the use of other authentication options, such as Shibboleth, whenever possible going forward, rather than using Kerberos directly.

ITS-Payment Card Assurance Onboarding & Offboarding

This form is for merchants to request using ITS-supported infrastructure and equipment that are PCI-compliant when setting up their credit card-processing systems.

ITS-Payroll Time & Labor Module

This service is used by the Payroll Office staff to maintain payroll data and manage the payroll processes. It captures employee attendance and timekeeping information, produces checks and statements of earnings (paystubs), distributes salary and fringe benefits to staff and retirees, processes remittances to government agencies for whom deductions are taken, and creates required tax documents.
Time & Labor: Provides a resource for managing all aspects of time and labor tracking.

ITS-PCI - Secure Data Enclave

This service provides merchants the option of using ITS-supported infrastructure and equipment that are PCI-compliant when setting up their credit card-processing systems.

ITS-PCI-Interstitial Gateway

This form is for onboarding and offboarding merchants and supporting current merchants with ITS PCI Interstitial Gateways.

ITS-Penetration Testing

This service is an advanced, offensive form of security testing designed to provide a deep technical analysis of a target environment’s vulnerability to exploitation and attack, also called pen testing and ethical hacking. A skilled security professional will explore a combination of approaches to discover weaknesses that a hacker could exploit.

ITS-Performance Support

Internal to ITS. This service allows ITS staff to request help with Training, Documentation, Communication, Change Management, Website updates from the ITS Performance Support Teams

ITS-perfSONAR Connection Tests

This service is a global testing tool used by researchers and science networks to ensure network performance on connections on high speed connections.

ITS-perfSONAR Infrastructure

This service is the perfSONAR appliances at ITS network core and inside ITS data center locations.

ITS-Placement Exams

This service provides online placement exams for students


This service is an ethical and privacy-preserving platform designed to:
- Enable researchers to ask aggregate questions across multiple data sets in a ethical, privacy-preserving manner. Allow for a privacy and ethics body review to ensure that only appropriate, aggregate questions are asked.
- Allow researchers to ask aggregate questions across multiple data sets while no researcher has direct access to the data sets.
- Enable ITS to support such queries in a scalable, effective manner.

ITS-Procurement Module

This service involves all processes used to request, order, audit, and pay for goods and services.

ITS-Project Management Office

This service is a pool of project managers available to manage large and complex projects. Also supports project management tools and methodologies.

ITS-Project Request

This form is used to submit new project requests to ITS PMO Operations team.

Approval from your supervisor is required before you submit a project request.

Projects start with great ideas.  If you have one, document an outline for it and submit the Project Intake Form.  The Project Management Office (PMO) team will handle the rest!


This service is an online survey platform and tool with features including survey creation, distribution, analysis, and storage available to all U-M faculty, staff, and students

ITS-Radio Frequencies (RF)

This service is an 800MHz radio service used by most maintenance, campus skilled trades shops and DPSS is interconnected via outside plant fiber optic cable, maintained by ITS.

ITS-RECON Risk Assessment

This service is a risk assessment methodology developed for use at U-M.

- RECON assessments are part of U-M's ongoing Information Security Risk Management process.
- Information Security (SPG 601.27) requires every unit to periodically conduct RECONs.
- Information Security Risk Management (DS-13) defines which systems must be assessed, the frequency of those assessments, and who must perform the RECON.

ITS-Recruiting and Admissions Module

This service captures personal information when a prospective student first communicates with U-M. This initial record is modified when an individual's relationship with U-M changes (such as from prospect to applicant, to student, to financial aid recipient, to graduate, to professional school applicant, or to employee).

ITS-Red Hat Satellite at U-M

This service is an infrastructure management product specifically designed to keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments and other Red Hat infrastructure running efficiently, with security, and compliant with various standards. Campus has a site license for the Red Hat OS. The Red Hat OS is used in thousands of computers and servers across U of M, providing the foundational layer for everything from enterprise systems such as Peoplesoft to engineering labs for students.

ITS-Red Hat Satellite at U-M - Request Host Collection

This form is to request a Red Hat Satellite Host Collection

ITS-RedHat Satellite at U-M - Fix Naming Issue

This form is to request to fix a a naming issue in Red Hat Satellite

ITS-RedHat Satellite at U-M - KB Access

This form is to request access to Knowledge Base articles related to the Red Hat Satellite Service

ITS-RedHat Satellite at U-M - Missing Host

This form is to report a missing host on the Red Hat Satellite Service

ITS-RedHat Satellite at U-M - Request Software

This form is to request software for Red Hat Satellite

ITS-RedHat Satellite at U-M - Request Subscription

This form is to request a subscription to the Red Hat Satellite Service

ITS-Remote Office Hours

This service allows users to schedule office hours through Zoom sessions.

ITS-Remove Duplicates in the Enterprise Salesforce Organization

This form can be used to request the Resolution of Duplicates in the Enterprise Salesforce Organization.


This service is an accessible, mobile-friendly website ( and soon-to-be-released mobile app that will help faculty, staff, and students keep the university healthy and reduce the spread of COVID-19


This Service is to request assistance from the ITS Migrations and Scheduling team to manage jobs.


This service is available to College of Engineering effective 7/30/2020. It is a secure file storage system that encrypts files at the user's device before they are uploaded into the system

ITS-Schedule Displays

This Service allow departments to conveniently offer room management to a variety of spaces, including spaces without built-in video conferencing. The small, interactive touch panels allow users to see what meetings are coming up in a specific space.

ITS-Secure Enclave Service

This service provides U-M researchers with high performance, secure and flexible computing environments enabling the analysis of sensitive data sets restricted by federal privacy laws, proprietary access agreements, or confidentiality requirements.

ITS-Security Essential Service

This service provides a foundation of protection for university IT resources, including those that enable teaching, learning, research, and administration. It is a continuation and expansion of the IT security program that has been in place for years.

ITS-Sensitive Data Scanning

This service helps ensure that sensitive and regulated data are not being stored unnecessarily.

ITS-Service Center

This service is support of inquiries not related to other ITS services and referrals to other service providers; support of the customer's environment when referral to another provider would be impractical or less helpful.

ITS-Service Center Feedback

This form is used to tracks kudos and complaints about the ITS support experience

ITS-Service for PRT 11.8

Service for PRT 11.8

ITS-Service Request System (SRS)

This service allows authorized users to place orders and view reports for ITS Infrastructure products and services.

ITS-ServiceNow Archive Data

This service is for those who need to access ServiceNow archive data, or who need assistance locating archived ServiceNow data

ITS-Shared Devices on U-M WiFi

This form is for Faculty and staff  to register a device, report an issue, or ask a question about shared devices on U-M WiFi.

ITS-Shibboleth at U-M

This service is federated identity management software used to provide single sign-on. It allows members of the university community to log in to university-provided cloud services, such as U-M Google and U-M Box, using their uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password.

ITS-Simply Voting

This service is a web-based online voting system that will help you manage your elections easily and securely.


This form is for students on the Ann Arbor campus to support your academic needs for up to two semesters.
Ann Arbor Students may check out a pre-configured Windows PC laptop with access to the Campus Computing Sites software library. You will have local administrative access on the laptop to install or configure software to meet your needs.

ITS-Sites@Home Support

This form is used to request support for those with a Sites@Home device.
Ann Arbor Students may check out a pre-configured Windows PC laptop with access to the Campus Computing Sites software library. You will have local administrative access on the laptop to install or configure software to meet your needs.

ITS-Slack at U-M

This service is a tool that enhances workgroup communications. It provides a platform for individuals and groups to chat live online and keep conversations organized and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

ITS-Social Login at U-M

This service lets you use an account you already have (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or others) to log in to a service that normally requires its own account.

ITS-Software Services

Software Services offers software licensing for University of Michigan including the UmichITAM software-sharing consortium. View the ITS Software Services website for additional details:

ITS-Software Store

This service provides software licenses previously available through Software Licensing & Distribution. The Software Store also provides options for tracking purchases and viewing departmental purchase histories.

ITS-Space Management Module

This service is used to maintain and update data about university buildings, rooms, and facilities. This module allows users to add and change their department’s space data in order to authorize and submit the annual Space Survey, as well as submit space data changes, identify and report on departmental data, and track room elements throughout the year.


This service is the tool used to monitor the network and provide performance metrics.


This service is for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data via a Web-style interface.

ITS-SQL Server

This service is a relational database management system (RDBMS) from Microsoft.


This form is to make requests, address issues or provide general feedback related to the Rapid Time Entry (RTE) and BIll of Materials (BOM) applications being rolled out 9/1/2020. These applications run on the same framework as the current Service Request System (SRS)

ITS-Standard Ethernet

This service is available through data jacks in offices, classrooms, lab spaces, and other areas. The current standard for wired connections is 1Gbps to the telecommunication closet.

ITS-Student Administration System (SA)

This service provides a single source for information about students and the administrative data that supports learning and teaching at U-M. The system shares the information contained in the integrated. database across the administrative and academic units on the Ann Arbor campus.

ITS-Student Financials & Financial Aid Modules

This service supports university staff who manage student accounts and information. Also supports admissions activities by processing application fees and enrollment deposits, and it interfaces with the Financial Aid module.
Financial Aid: Enables U-M staff to establish eligibility for federal, state and institutional need-based aid and for merit-based aid; evaluate and monitor aid-related communications; provide per-event and cumulative fiscal management reporting for all aid programs; and manage student work-study employment.

ITS-Student Records Module

This service is used to capture and maintain data related to students' academic endeavors and performance. Key processes supported by the Student Records module include: student academic program maintenance, academic advisement, enrollment (a.k.a. registration), curriculum maintenance, grading, and graduation.

ITS-Student Success Viewer

This Service is an early warning system that helps academic advisors identify at-risk students using Learning Management System (LMS) data from Unizin Data Platform (UDP) . It presents actionable intelligence to academic advisors using data about students' current term grades, activity, and assignments. By helping them identify students at risk of academic jeopardy, the tool enables advisors to create timely interventions directing students toward resources that may facilitate behavioral change and academic growth and success.

ITS-Student Success Viewer Access Request

This form is to request access to the Student Success Viewer tableau dashboard.

Student Success Viewer is an early warning system that helps academic advisors identify at-risk students using Learning Management System (LMS) data from Unizin Data Platform (UDP) . It presents actionable intelligence to academic advisors using data about students' current term grades, activity, and assignments. By helping them identify students at risk of academic jeopardy, the tool enables advisors to create timely interventions directing students toward resources that may facilitate behavioral change and academic growth and success.

ITS-Study Spaces at U-M

This service is a tool designed to help students find and reserve designated study spaces, computer stations, a space to take a remote class, or just a dedicated quiet touchdown spot between classes. (


This service is a powerful business intelligence, visualization, and analytics tool.

ITS-Targeted Email

This service enables mass delivery of announcements to all U-M employees and Ann Arbor students. More specific population groups can be requested, and the service can also supply lists of U-M faculty, staff, and Ann Arbor students, for uses beyond email. For official university use only.

Do you have a message you would like to communicate to large groups of university faculty, staff, or students? The Targeted Email Service offers three options:

- Request a Targeted Email
U-M faculty, staff, and students may request a mass email to populations of U-Memployees and Ann Arbor students
- Request a Mailing List
Request a data file of U-M employees and Ann Arbor students, for use with your own email application or service
- Licensed Departmental Use
U-M departments may arrange direct access to the email campaign software, to meet frequent messaging needs

ITS-Teaching and Learning Data Concierge

This service helps facilitate, track, route, and communicate on projects related to administrative and learning management data projects. If you need assistance with anything data-related on campus, the Data Concierge can help!


This service is a web-based platform that provides service management, asset management, and project management capabilities. TeamDynamix can support IT management and support functions and has capabilities that provide general customer support or management of other non-IT functions like facilities and human resources too.

ITS-TeamDynamix - Add/Update Security Roles in TeamDynamix Access Form

This form is for TeamDynamix ticketing app admins to request that new roles be added to the TDX access form.

ITS-TeamDynamix - Configure New Applications, Security Roles and Update Access Form

This form is used to create new ticketing applications in TeamDynamix

ITS-TeamDynamix Access

This form can be used to request, update or remove access to TeamDynamix Ticketing applications

ITS-TeamDynamix Access - Sandbox and Sandbox2

This form is to request access to TeamDynamix Test Environments​​​​​​​; Sandbox and Sandbox 2

ITS-TeamDynamix Desktop Template

This form is to request a TeamDynamix Desktop be created, modified, and or pushed to TDX Technicians

ITS-TeamDynamix Enhancement Request

This form can be used to submit ideas for how TeamDynamix can be improved

ITS-TeamDynamix Groups

This form can be used to request a new group or remove an existing group. A new group will be created in both TeamDynamix and MCommunity.  The two groups will be synced.  Removal of an existing group only applies to TeamDynamix and group owner(s) are responsible for removing the group from MCommunity.

ITS-TeamDynamix Inbound Email Tickets

This form is to request a new TeamDynamix Google mailbox for a TeamDynamix email monitor to create tickets via inbound email. If you have a current Google mailbox with an email monitor, consider adding to the existing mailbox.

ITS-TeamDynamix iPaaS Inquiry

This form is to inquire about the use of TDX iPaas, a web-based platform that connects different systems, technologies, applications that are hosted both on premise or the cloud.

ITS-TeamDynamix Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Access

This form can be used to add, update, or remove access for the TeamDynamix Project & Portfolio Management application.

ITS-TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

This Service provides support from the ITS Project Management Office for the TeamDynamix PPM module.

ITS-TeamDynamix Remove Sensitive Data

This form is to request that the ITS Service Support team remove sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers from TeamDynamix tickets

ITS-TeamDynamix SandBox User Creation

This form is to request a person be created in TDX Sandbox

ITS-TeamDynamix Support

This form is to request support for the TeamDynamix application. Requests submitted via this form are assigned to the team that includes the ITS U-M global administrators for TeamDynamix

ITS-TeamDynamix Templates

This form is to request either a response template or a task template to be built in TeamDynamix. A response template is canned text for messages that you can use to efficiently respond within a TeamDynamix ticket. Request either a response template or a task template to be built in TeamDynamix.

ITS-TeamDynamix Ticket and Survey Data

This form is to request access to or remove access from TeamDynamix ticket and survey data views for reporting external to TeamDynamix. You must have access to TeamDynamix already in order to request access to the ticket or survey data to use with other reporting applications. The request has an approval workflow and provides access to the same ticket or survey data the user can access in TeamDynamix.

ITS-TeamDynamix Update Alternate Email

This form is to provide the “Alternate Email” that you would like to update in the requester’s TeamDynamix user profile

ITS-Tech Consulting

This Service provides assistance with real time, walk-in support at no cost to you. Our student team partners with you to solve issues, find resources, and diagnose problems. Our goal is to help you feel informed and empowered to get the most from your technology.

ITS-Tech Consulting Loaner Attestation

This form is used by ITS Tech consulting to capture the customer’s agreement to the terms of the loan. All customers who check-in a laptop for repair by Tech Repair’s service are eligible for a loaner device during the repair process.

ITS-Tech Repair - Departmental Tech Repair

This form is for the Tech Repair service to intake requests to repair devices purchased using university funds
Use this form to request for devices purchased using university funds

ITS-Tech Repair - Personal Tech Repair

This form is to request repair of personally owned technical equipment

ITS-Tech Shop

This service is U-M's one-stop-shop for computer sales, consulting, and tech repair. All students, faculty, and staff receive educational discounts. *
*Formerly Computer Showcase, name change March 2020

ITS-Third Party Vendor Security and Compliance

This service is for university units using a non-university product or service with university data to ensure adequate protection of the data.

ITS-Traditional Fax

This service provides fax over the analog telephone network.

ITS-Traditional Telephone

This service is traditional faculty & staff telephones providing high quality connections for teaching, learning, research, and work.

ITS-Travel and Expense Support

This service is support for users of U-M's travel reservation and expense system.

ITS-Turbo Research Storage

This service is a high-capacity, reliable, secure, and fast storage solution. It is tuned for large files (which corresponds roughly to be files in 1 megabyte in size or larger), but it is still capable of efficiently storing small files, such as: word documents, spreadsheets, image files, etc. Turbo enables investigators across the University of Michigan to store and access data needed for their research via a local host in a lab or our High Performance Computing Clusters, such as: Great Lakes, Lighthouse, and Armis 2. Additionally, it supports the storing of sensitive data on HIPAA compliant systems, such as the Armis 2 cluster managed by ARC-TS.

ITS-Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)

This service is required of U-M students, faculty, and staff when they create their U-M uniqnames and passwords. Two-factor means that when you log in, you provide two proofs of your identity. At U-M, that means your password plus Duo. Alumni may choose to keep using or add Duo two-factor to protect their U-M accounts.

ITS-UA-Digital Asset Request

By Michigan law, next of kin or legal representatives can ask for personal information from U-M digital assets. In these cases, a detailed nature of the request will be required. Those requests with a compelling legal reason will be vetted and reviewed.

ITS-U-M Apple Developer Program Support

This Service provides University of Michigan Apple developer credentials and/or assistance related to app signing
Use this form to request access to use the University of Michigan Apple developer credentials and/or assistance related to app signing

ITS-U-M Data Warehouse

This Service is a collection of data that supports reporting activity for university business. The data is organized in data sets based on subject areas, including Payroll, Student Records, and Financials.

ITS-UM Emergency Alerts

This Service is ITS's support of the process managed by the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS).

Use this form is to provide feedback or ask questions about the U-M Emergency Alert process. Use this group/form/service for reporting feedback about the alert process only. Contact DPSS for emergencies!

ITS-U-M GitHub

This service is a Microsoft Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for GIT that is provided by ITS. Faculty, staff (including temporary staff), and students of the University of Michigan with a shortcode are eligible to use this Service.

ITS-U-M Hosting Migration

Use this form to request migration of U-M websites to Pantheon Web Services.

ITS-U-M Public Affairs Inquiry

This Service is to manage inquires to the U-M Public Affairs Team

ITS-U-M Software Directory

This service provides an easy-to-use interface for users to quickly identify software they need, what is available to them across campus and from whom, and potential alternatives. An underlying central database houses information for administrators to track software licenses to better manage cost, visibility, compliance, and security around these titles at both the central and unit level.


This service is a software-sharing consortium for university units that choose to opt-in. Revenues collected fund a volume licensed software catalog and staff who support the service. Some of the services offered include compliance management, consortium and department funded license procurement, software help desk, hardware inventory, asset documentation, and review of license terms.

ITS-UMNet Equipment Database

This service is used by network services teams to track network equipment that is in production.


This service is your U-M login ID, used for access to multiple systems at U-M.

ITS-Unity Voicemail

This service is voicemail provided to faculty, staff, and students on the Dearborn and Flint campuses.

ITS-User Advocate

This service works with the University of Michigan community to ensure that U-M information technology policies and guidelines are followed and responds to reports of abuse and misuse of U-M IT resources. Receiving and investigating reports of U-M technology and information policy violations as they pertain to U-M-provided resources. Supporting problem-solving and providing guidance for handling IT policy-related matters. Providing IT policy interpretation and information to help students, faculty, and staff understand university and departmental policy, including the responsible use of shared resources.As necessary and appropriate, supporting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), eDiscovery, and approved U-M investigatory matters.


This form is used to designate a customer as a VIP or to remove a customer's VIP status. By default, all Faculty, and members of the "3D list" are VIP by default. The MiWorkspace Service needs to identify additional customers as VIPs.

NOTE: This is not Executive support. Select the ITS-MiWorkspace Executive Support form for VIP support changes.


This service lets any Mac or Windows computer with a web connection use Sites Windows software.

ITS-Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This service creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the U-M network and enables access to university resources from untrusted networks.

ITS-Virtual Sites

This service lets any Mac or Windows computer with a web connection use Sites Windows software.

ITS-Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephone

This service includes telephones which communicate across our campus data network and are a growing alternative to traditional (analog) telephones. ITS supports over 9,000 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones on the Ann Arbor, Michigan Medicine, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, including desk phones, cordless sets, soft clients on computers and other devices.

ITS-Voice Services

This service includes all of the voice services provided by ITS.

ITS-Voice Services Incident

Use this form for telephone trouble

ITS-Web Application Security Scanning

This service uses a scanner that is is effective at finding weaknesses in web applications, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and authentication bypass vulnerabilities. The scanner crawls a given web application, checking for problems across web servers, proxy servers, web applications, and other web services. After a scan completes, IA provides a report detailing any concerns discovered and recommendations for remediation.

ITS-Web Hosting

This service provides campus users access to their own web applications without needing to download, install, and maintain additional hardware and software

ITS-Web Hosting Upgrade

This form is to request assistance with the upgrade existing hosted websites.

ITS-WiFi (Custom Solutions)

This service allows faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates, and guests to communicate through wireless local area networks on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices.

ITS-WiFi (MWireless/MGuest/eduroam/MSetup)

This Service allows faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates, and guests to communicate through wireless local area networks on laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and other devices. ITS supports four wireless networks on campus, MWireless, MSetup, MGuest, and eduroam. The current standard for wireless connections is 802.11ac which typically provides connectivity between 100-200Mbps.

ITS-Windows Platform as a Service

This service provides a cost-effective Windows management solution that enables units to deliver consistently configured workstations in a zero or light-touch operational model.

ITS-Windows Server Support

This service is systems administration support for windows servers.

ITS-Wolverine Access Gateway

This service is a web application that serves as the gateway to U-M’s administrative information systems and dozens of U-M campus resources. It provides links to systems and websites used by members of the university community, including U-M students and their parents/family, prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, retirees, and some sponsored affiliates.

ITS-Xfinity on Campus

This service is for residents of Northwood I, II, IV and V, and the Munger Graduate Residences can access Xfinity on Campus, a service offered by Comcast, at no charge. This service is no longer available to residents of other residence halls.


This service will provide System and Service level monitoring to the entire university, offering alerting and metrics to university IT professionals.


This service unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and provides the option for meeting recordings. Zoom offers high quality video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and H.323/SIP room systems.

ITS-Zoom Phone at U-M

This service provides Voice Over iP (VOiP) to Ann Arbor campus customers using Zoom software.

ITS-Zoom Rooms at U-M

This service is a software-based conference room system that provides a streamlined experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing using the Zoom platform. Users of a Zoom Room can launch scheduled Zoom meetings with a single press of a button. This makes it easy to combine in-person and virtual guests in a simple, no-hassle hybrid meeting experience.

ITS-Zoom Rooms at U-M - Enable Telephone for Zoom Rooms

This form is to request a Telephone be enabled as a Zoom Room

ITS-Zoom Rooms at U-M - Zoom Rooms at U-M Support

This form is to request assistance with Zoom Rooms