ITS-Campus Computing Sites Software Exception

This form is used to request a exception access to Campus Computing Sites Software.  Software access at Campus Computing Sites is granted based on university affiliation. You may request access to additional software titles even if that title is not eligible based on your affiliation.

Software licenses and your role at the University of Michigan, determine what software you can access on a Sites workstation. There are circumstances where an individual of an excluded role does have a legitimate reason for using a software title that is not in conflict with the intent of the licensing terms. You can use this form to request we make an exception. Sites staff review and approved exceptions on a case by case basis.

Exceptions are valid for a single academic year. After the end of summer term, and before the start of fall term, the exceptions will expire.

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Service ID: 54
Fri 3/13/20 9:18 AM
Thu 2/29/24 3:58 PM