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This service is the application within PeopleSoft Campus Solutions that is used to track the requirements and policies that a student must satisfy in order to graduate.

This form is to request 1:1 support for courses and projects for faculty and staff.

This form must be completed by the current owner's unit HR representative (if the current owner is a former employee, the unit HR from their most recent U-M role).

For resources and information related to this form and process, refer to Access to Employee-Held Data for U-M Units.

Note: If the current owner of the data has access to it and they can cooperate with the access request, you must work with that owner to get access to the data instead of proceeding with this request form.

This service removes users' access to U-M systems.

This service is an MPathways module that provides automated invoice and payment processing to ensure timely and accurate payment for goods and services.

This Service is an MPathways module that allows the university to bill, record, and track payments for sponsored research and centralized general receivables.

For more info, see Accounts Receivable & Billing Module on the ITS website.

This service supports UMROOT, which is the largest of several Windows Active Directory (AD) forests on campus. UMRoot is where users are created and both central and local units place their Active Directory (AD) objects for using the Windows infrastructure.

This form is to request support for managing Active Directory accounts including issues with existing accounts, password resets, creating new accounts, and disabling or deleting accounts. If there are multiple inactive UMROOT accounts that need to remain active, please include all accounts in one ticket, as opposed to submitting a ticket for each account.

This service is the University of Michigan’s web-based learning and information center, it offers a variety of learning activities to support operational users, compliance requirements, and professional development. The learning catalog includes training from ITS, Organizational Learning, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), PEERRS, the Shared Services Center, Treasurer’s Office, and more.

This service is a bundled remote computing service that provides cloud computing infrastructure over the Internet with storage, bandwidth and customized support for application programming interfaces (API).

This form is for new subscriptions or to update a current Amazon Web Services at U-M subscriptions

This service is a central file storage, sharing, and retrieval system for U-M faculty, staff and students. Also known as Institutional File System (IFS), AFS lets you access your documents and files from different computers at different locations.

University of Michigan Information and Technology Services (ITS) is retiring Andrew File System (AFS) for Alumni and Retiree users in 2024. In early 2024, Alumni/Retiree AFS users will receive a downloadable link to their AFS information and AFS will be retired for Alumni/Retirees.

For more info, see Andrew File System (AFS) on the ITS website:

This form is to request a new AFS group that can be used to host web sites with ITS web servers that mount AFS.

This service offers a robust API publishing and subscription service. This university-wide directory allows secure and authorized access to institutional data for use in research and innovative applications.

This form is to request an API be promoted from Test to Prod, or to update an existing API in production.