ITS-Student Success Viewer Access Request

This form is to request access to the Student Success Viewer tableau dashboard.

Student Success Viewer is an early warning system that helps academic advisors identify at-risk students using Learning Management System (LMS) data from Unizin Data Platform  (UDP) . It presents actionable intelligence to academic advisors using data about students' current term grades, activity, and assignments. By helping them identify students at risk of academic jeopardy, the tool enables advisors to create timely interventions directing students toward resources that may facilitate behavioral change and academic growth and success.

Most individuals who are approved for access to Student Success Viewer have already been granted access to sensitive student grade and progress data in university systems, including but not limited to OARS roles SR Academic Advisor, SR Advising Report User, SR FC Advising Report User, and/or SR Student Records Viewer.

This form is for advisors(s) across all Campuses to request access or revoke access to Student Success Viewer Tableau Dashboard.

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Thu 8/10/23 8:15 AM
Mon 3/25/24 2:01 PM