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How to change the password to a U-M Google Shared Account.


To change the password for a U-M Google Shared Account, you must be an owner of the MCommunity group associated with that account and already know the password.

If you are an owner of the MCommunity group and do not know the password, visit the Google at U-M Request Form and select the following option: Request a password reset for an existing Google Shared Account.

Here is how to reset a U-M Google Shared Account password if you know the current one:

  1. Open a secure terminal program and connect to the ITS Login Service ( Log in with your own uniqname and UMICH Level-1 password. (Do not use the name and UMICH password for your Shared Account)

Note: If you get "access denied," it may be due to not having an account.

In your Applications folder, open the Utilities folder to find Terminal. Double-click Terminal to open it. Then type the appropriate SSH command.

  1. If your machine name is your uniqname, you can enter the following command: ssh

If your machine name is something different, you will need to enter the following command instead: ssh (where you replaced youruniqname with your own uniqname.

Screenshot of the $ prompt followed by the command: ssh

  1. You will be prompted for your password. Enter your UMICH (Level-1) password, then press the Return/Enter key

You will not see anything on the screen after you enter your password. You will only see the name of the Login Service machine you are connected to, followed by a percent sign. This is the prompt at which you can enter commands.

  1. At the Login Service % prompt, enter kpasswd, your Shared Account's name, and then press the Return/Enter key. (Kpasswd is the command indicating that you wish to change a UMICH password.)

For example, if your Shared Account name was "its-test," you would enter the following: kpasswd its-test.

Screenshot of the % prompt and command typed after it.

  1. At the "Password for yoursharedaccount@UMICH.EDU" prompt, enter the current UMICH password for your Shared Account and press the Return/Enter key
  2. At the "Enter new password" prompt, enter the new password you wish to use and press the Return/Enter key
  3. At the "Enter it again" prompt, enter your new password again and press the Return/Enter key

You will then see the text, "Password changed."

  1. Enter logout and press the Return/Enter key
  2. Exit or quit your terminal connection program

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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