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How to embed a video that's in Google Drive into Canvas using the Canvas text editor.
This article explains how MCommunity group sync works after a user's U-M Google account is deleted and recreated.
This article provides information on what happens when someone reaches their storage limit/their storage is full in their U-M Google account. It also states what you should do if this happens.
This article provides information on what the Google storage limit alerts/banners mean, why they show up on your U-M Google account, and how you can get rid of them.
This article provides additional information about the use of third-party mail clients or Apps to access a U-M Google Mail account.
This article provides information on the Google message someone might notice when a file owner's account is over its storage limit: "The file is view-only. No edits can be made to this file. Contact file owner for details."
This article guides individuals/departments/units on how to transfer ownership of Google Drive files/folders owned by an individual who has already left and is no longer at U-M.