Launching Applications Within Virtual Sites


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  • My application in Virtual Sites won't start.
  • New Duo prompt after entering login credentials.
  • After launching Virtual Sites application, you just go back to the Virtual Sites portal page.


When launching an application through the Virtual Sites portal, you must complete a Duo prompt after entering your login credentials.

For individual applications (i.e. all applications that are not titled GPU Desktop or NonGPU Desktop) this prompt is silent, which means you will not see a typical Duo prompt screen.

  • Duo will send you a prompt through your phone application to approve
    • Once you click approve on your phone, your application will continue to launch
  • If you do not use the application push method of two-factor authentication, click the Show Details button that appears after you have entered your credentials while it is "Connecting and launching"
    • You will now see a Duo security window
    • Click Cancel 
    • You can now choose your preferred method of two-factor authentication
  • If you fail to approve the Duo authentication, your application will time out and you will be returned to the application portal 

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