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How do I access Virtual Sites?


Follow the steps below to access Virtual Sites through the web client.

  1. Navigate to Virtual Sites
  2. If this is your first time accessing Virtual Sites on your current computer, you will be asked to log in with your U-M email address and UMICH password
  3. If prompted, complete Duo Two-Factor authentication
  4. Once logged in, the All Resources tab displays a list of available software applications
    1. Click on a software application to open it 
      • If prompt displays requesting access to local resources, click Allow
      • You may be required to log into the application with your U-M email address and UMICH password
      • Click the All Resources tab if you wish to open additional software applications
      • Note that if you wish to open multiple applications and share information between them, you must do so using a Virtual Sites desktop (see below)

Virtual Sites NonGPU Desktop and GPU Desktop

To open more than one application and share information between them, you must open the applications via a Virtual Sites Desktop.

  1. Complete steps 1-2 from above to log into Virtual Sites
  2. From the All Resources tab, select either VS GPU Desktop or VS NonGPU Desktop
    • If the software applications you will be using do not require large amounts of computational power (i.e. word processing, programming/coding, etc.) select the VS NonGPU Desktop
    • If the software applications you will be using require large amounts of computational power (i.e. statistical analysis, graphic design software, etc.) select the VS GPU Desktop
  3. A new tab opens and displays a typical Windows PC desktop
  4. Click the Start menu (bottom-left) to browse or search for software applications

Not all software titles are available to all users of Virtual Sites. Learn more about software license availability and exceptions.

Additional Information

Not all users are eligible to access Virtual Sites, you can use this article to see if your university affiliation grants you access. 

Only users with current StudentAA, FacultyAA, and StaffAA (not tempstaffAA) institutional roles are eligible to use Virtual Sites. Users who's institutional role is derived from their Michigan Medicine affiliation are not eligible to use Virtual Sites. This is because the Microsoft License provided to users by Michigan Medicine is different than the license provided by U-M's Ann Arbor campus.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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