Who is Eligible to Access Virtual Sites


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How do I know if I have the license/ability to log in to U-M's Virtual Sites platform?


Affiliation Access to Virtual Sites? Software package
U-M Ann Arbor faculty Yes All titles included
U-M Ann Arbor student Yes All titles included
U- M Ann Arbor staff Yes Limited titles included
U-M Dearborn faculty, staff or student Yes Limited titles included
U-M Flint faculty, staff or student Yes Limited titles included
Michigan Medicine No None
Alumni No None
Retiree No None
Sponsored Affiliate No None
Temporary Staff No None

Staff involved in non-profit, publishable research may request access to restricted software titles. Please keep in mind that only non-profit, publishable research is permitted under our license.

Additional Information

Note: Licenses for software titles are for Ann Arbor affiliates. U-M Flint and Dearborn affiliates can connect to Virtual Sites, but they will only see a limited number of titles.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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