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Access University Business Tasks in Wolverine Access

Access to university business tasks (such as filling a timesheet, uploading or checking on grades, viewing financial aid, reporting travel expenses) requires a login.

Configuring and Updating SSO in Salesforce

Instructions for Salesforce administrators to configure their orgs to use U-M SSO.

Direct Abandoned Transcript Orders to the Office of the Registar (RO)

How to respond to transcript orders in the "abandoned" state

Error Message When Trying to use View My Grades

If navigating to View My Grades causes an error message, log out and log back in to successfully view grades.

Getting Started with ResponsiBLUE COVID Screening App

Information on ResponsiBLUE (

Salesforce MFA Requirements

Salesforce will require MFA on all production organizations started Feb 1, 2022. This article has high-level questions and answers about compliant configurations and links to further resources for Salesforce admins.

Sites @ Home Laptop Headphones Issue

Update Realtek audio drivers on Dell Latitude 5400 laptops to fix issues with headphone detection and audio.

Unable to Return to Wolverine Access From MPathways

When clicking on the “Home” icon in MPathways or PeopleSoft systems, some people will expect the link to take them to their Wolverine Access homepage. Instead it takes them to the homepage for the MPathways/PeopleSoft system they are using. Currently, the only way to get to the Wolverine Access homepage is to to type into the address bar.