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Access University Business Tasks in Wolverine Access

Access to university business tasks (such as filling a timesheet, uploading or checking on grades, viewing financial aid, reporting travel expenses) requires a login.

Accessing Syllabi and Syllabus Archives

This article explains who to contact or where to look for access to syllabi.

Account Switch Detected Error in Virtual Sites

Directions on how to avoid an 'Account Switch Detected' error in Virtual Sites

ADG New Student Orientation Platform Implementation

To assist incoming students with finding out information about ADG New Student Orientation Platform created in May 2022.

AFS/IFS (M: drive) in Virtual Sites

Directions on how to use an SFTP client to access AFS/IFS also known as M: drive in Virtual Sites

Can't Access 'Social Security Card Application' for Student Employment Application

This article explains where students can access the Social Security Card Application when the link in the Student Employment Application isn't working.

Change Marital Status on Paystubs/Paychecks

This article explains how employees can update the 'Marital Status' that displays on their paystubs/paychecks through Employee Self Service.

Concur - Can Deleted Expense Reports Be Recovered?

This article explains that deleted Concur expense reports cannot be recovered.

Connecting to USB-C Sites Monitors

Instructions on how to use the new bring your own device (BYOD) stations at Campus Computing Sites. Currently, only the Fishbowl computing site offers this style of station.

Dell Trackpad Suddenly Does Not Work

Dell trackpad has stopped functioning? A reboot will most likely fix it.

Digital Signage - Adding the Community Content Feed to a Sign

An in depth how-to about adding the Community Image Feed to a user's signs. This is a great way to integrate new an interesting content onto signs with minimal work.

Digital Signage - Adding the ITS Simple Sign to a Digital Sign

A break down of how someone can add and edit a pre-made sign template. This is useful so they can get content onto their digital sign before they have made their own template.

Digital Signage - Community Content Feed Guidelines

A breakdown of the guidelines for approval of all submissions to the Digital Signage Image Feed

Digital Signage - Ongoing Departmental Responsibilities

An in-depth break down of the continual responsibilities departments need to know about before adding digital signs.

Digital Signage - Sign Content Considerations

A brief overview of the uses cases departments have for digital signage.

Digital Signage - Sign Location Considerations

A description of the necessary considerations when departments are deciding where to place their digital signs.

Digital Signage - Use the Network Monitor to Take a Screenshot of Your Sign

The Network Monitor can be used to take a screenshot of the content that is currently scheduled on digital signs.

Digital Signage - Using Individual Images from the Community Content Feed

An overview of how to add individual images a user has selected from the Community Content Feed to their signs instead of adding the application

Digital Signage - Using the Community Content Feed

How the Digital Signage Content Feed works

Direct Abandoned Transcript Orders to the Office of the Registar (RO)

How to respond to transcript orders in the "abandoned" state

Error Message When Trying to use View My Grades

If navigating to View My Grades causes an error message, log out and log back in to successfully view grades.

Getting Started with Schedule Displays

A brief overview of information on how to get started with Schedule Displays including links to the Schedule Displays website as well as the contact form for the Schedule Displays team.

Have My Test Scores Been Received for My Application for Admission?

This article explains who applicants should contact for assistance with determining if their test scores have been received.

HCM PAR - View Images Doesn't Work When Using Google Chrome

PAR Images just spins when trying to view using Google Chrome

Incorrect Email on In-State Tuition Application

This article explains what applicants can do when the email address on the In-State Tuition application needs to be changed.

Job Opening Group Action Not Working in eRecruit

eRecruit Job Opening Group Action is Not Working When Forwarding Applicants

Logged Out / Kicked Out of M-Pathways (Session Timed Out)

Use the New Window link (upper right area of the page) in the HRMS, Financial and Student systems to open additional tabs/pages.

M-Passport Support

For assistance with M-Passport, please contact the International Center,

My Transcript Won't Open

To view a transcript, you must allow pop-ups and your primary browser language must be set to English.

Nvivo License in Virtual Sites

How to avoid Nvivo asking for a license when you try to access the application in Virtual Sites

Paycheck Doesn't Open as PDF - Cannot Print Paycheck

Trying to view and print your paycheck; however, the paycheck is not opening in PDF view and won't print correctly.

Questions About Student Refunds

This article explains who students should contact with questions about a student refund.

QuikPay - Can't Pay Enrollment Deposit, " further credit card payments are allowed at this time." Message

This article explains who students should contact for assistance with enabling the option to pay their enrollment deposit through the QuikPay website, when they encounter a message indicating they no longer have the ability to do so.

Receiving Emails Intended for Another Person

What should I do if I received an email that was sent to the wrong person?

Salesforce MFA Requirements

Salesforce will require MFA on all production organizations started Feb 1, 2022. This article has high-level questions and answers about compliant configurations and links to further resources for Salesforce admins.

Schedule Display Outage Proess

Description of the what an outage in the Schedule Display environment would look like and how it is handled.

Schedule Displays - Add a Conference Room to a Calendar Meeting

How to add a Schedule Display enabled conference room to your meeting invitation.

Schedule Displays - Installation Best Practices

An overview of installation best practices and considerations for a department to review prior to purchasing Schedule Display panels.

Schedule Displays - Link the Room's Calendar to the Display

A user has purchased or intends to purchase Schedule Displays and wants to know how to associate a calendar with the display hardware.

Schedule Displays Installation Process

Overview of the installation processes a department can reference when considering Schedule displays.

Sites @ Home Laptop Headphones Issue

Update Realtek audio drivers on Dell Latitude 5400 laptops to fix issues with headphone detection and audio.

Student Job/Work Email Scams

Fraudulent Job Offers Impersonating U-M Faculty

Turn ON Grade Email Notifications

How to turn ON student email notifications for grades.

Unable to Return to Wolverine Access From MPathways

When clicking on the “Home” icon in MPathways or PeopleSoft systems, some people will expect the link to take them to their Wolverine Access homepage. Instead it takes them to the homepage for the MPathways/PeopleSoft system they are using. Currently, the only way to get to the Wolverine Access homepage is to to type into the address bar.

Updating Phone/Text Numbers for U-M Emergency Alerts

Information on adding phone numbers to the UMICH Emergency Alert system by DPSS

Uploading Files in Virtual Sites

A description of how to upload a file in Virtual Sites as well a description of where uploaded files land and can be accessed in Virtual Sites.

View Reported Hours for Previous Appointments/Jobs

This article explains who to contact to request details of reported hours for previous appointments/jobs at U-M.

Virtual Sites - Accessing Virtual Sites

A description of how to access and login to Virtual Sites via Microsoft's Azure portal and a brief description of what users will see and how they will use Virtual Sites once they are logged in.

Virtual Sites Options for Michigan Medicine Users

A collection of resources for Michigan Medicine users to utilize.

Virtual Sites: Download and Install Desktop Client (Windows and Mac)

Instructions to download and install the Virtual Sites desktop clients for Mac and Windows devices.

VMWare Virtual Sites Error

An overview of the error a user can expect to receive when trying to access legacy Virtual Sites and the correct path to use the new Virtual Sites platform

When Can a Student See Their New Grade?

Most of the time, grades for the current term are posted nightly for students to see the following day. During end-of-term grading, grades are posted hourly. Grades for prior terms are posted on Friday.

When Does a Student Lose Access to Standard Computing Services after Leaving U-M?

This article provides additional information regarding when a student loses access to different computing services after graduating from the university.

Which Calendars Work With Schedule Displays

A source of truth for which calendar integrations are available for the Schedule Display service

Who is Eligible to Access Virtual Sites

An overview of who has access to Virtual Sites in Microsoft AVD.