eSignature: Cost to use the SignNow tool


SignNow for active U-M staff, faculty, researchers, and students associated with all University of Michigan campuses, including Michigan Medicine.


How much does it cost to use SignNow for eSignature?


Current information for this service is available on the ITS SignNow website (

At the present time (plans include FY23 and FY24), Information and Technology Services (ITS) is covering the charge of this service for active campus users. However, in the future, there may be a per document charge, so an approved shortcode is required in order to obtain access to the application. Any billing will be communicated in advance, and it will be done on a ‘per document completed’ basis. In addition, providing your shortcode is a way for us to monitor usage of the tool, and it demonstrates the agreement to only use the account for university business purposes (i.e., you should not be using the account for personal reasons).

Additional Information

Unfortunately, we cannot be precise on the per document rate at this time.  We currently have an enterprise plan with volume pricing established, so we don't have an "official" rate for using the tool.  

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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