Unable to Upload Documents in SignNow / Subscription Expired Message


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When attempting to upload or modify documents to be signed, you see a message that your subscription is expired. There is also a link to upgrade your plan.

If you sign in to SignNow with your U-M credentials, and you do not have an official U-M SignNow account, you will receive this "Your subscription has expired" message.


There are two possible scenarios when this message appears in SignNow: 

  1. If you see this message, and you only need to view or sign documents that are sent to you, no action is needed
    1. Please ignore this message
    2. You will retain access to view any documents you have signed and will be able to sign any additional documents you are sent 
  2. If you see this message and you need to configure and send out documents, you need to request an official U-M SignNow account as you have currently been using SignNow with a trial account that has expired
    1. To resolve this issue, you need to complete the form found on the following link: https://its.umich.edu/enterprise/administrative-systems/signnow/get-started/onboard
    2. Once the request is processed, you will once again have access to all SignNow features and will no longer see the subscription expired message

Note: Account requests are only processed Monday - Friday during regular business hours. Requests are typically processed quickly, but may take up to 2 business days to process.   

Additional Information

You may also see the error: "Your current subscription does not allow sending invites." The resolution is the same as above.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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