Other services provided to the University community, including computer security, TeamDynamix, ResponsiBLUE, and telephone services.

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Knowledge articles related to the ITS implementation of TeamDynamix.

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Digital Signage - Adding a Playlist to a Digital Sign or Group of Digital Signs

A breakdown of how to add a playlist to your sign or signs. A playlist can be a timesaving tool that allows you to apply the same content across multiple signs more efficiently.

Document Imaging: Trouble Opening Documents

Users see a blank screen when opening documents in Perceptive, or the document flashes open but disappears.

Requesting Targeted Email or Data Files for Research Purposes

When using targeted email for research recruitment or survey response, IRB review/approval is required, as well as the requirements documented in this article

ResponsiBLUE - Can Weekly Mandatory Testing Be Turned Off if I'm Vaccinated?

COVID-19 testing exemptions for vaccinated individuals are not currently allowed for ResponsiBLUE

ResponsiBLUE Invalid Status

Users seeing invalid status in ResponsiBLUE need to update app or use web version.

Setting and Updating Reminder Notifications for ResponsiBLUE

Guidance on updating and setting reminder notifications for ResponsiBLUE.

Slack: Set Desktop App to Start Automatically at Login/Startup

This article provides steps on setting your Slack desktop application to start automatically at login/startup.

Sponsored Affiliate Can't Verify/Enroll/Register for Emergency Alerts

This article is about the workaround for sponsored affiliates to receive emergency alerts.

Support for Michigan Language Assessment Tests or Certificates

This article provides contact information for users looking for assistance with exams (and related information) that is managed by the Michigan Language Assessment team.

Targeted Email - Approval Process

U-M faculty, staff, and students may request a mass distribution to specified populations of U-M employees and Ann Arbor students, or request a data file for use with their email applications or services. This article describes the approval process which is required for all requests.

Targeted Email - Using Pre-Defined Populations

The targeted email service allows requesters to choose from a set of pre-defined populations of U-M faculty and employees, or to specify criteria for a custom population. This article provides details on the pre-defined populations.

TeamDymamix is a No-Cost Service

ITS offers the TeamDynamix Service at no cost to U-M units

Truncated Comments When Using Brackets in TeamDynamix

Explanation of the circumstances when brackets will truncate a TDX comment.

umichWORKS Slack Workspace Information

This article outlines what the umichWORKS workspace is and how invitations to the space work.

YouthHub Support

This article explains who users should contact for assistance with YouthHub.