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Email Someone Who is not the Requestor on a TeamDynamix Ticket

Options for emailing people other than the requestor can be found on a ticket's update form.

Explanations of Impact, Urgency and Priority in TeamDynamix

Guidelines for the Impact, Urgency and Priority fields in TeamDynamix tickets.

Importing Tickets with the TeamDynamix Import Tool

TeamDynamix has an import tool that can be used to transfer tickets from ServiceNow and other non-TDX ticketing applications.

TeamDymamix is a No-Cost Service

ITS offers the TeamDynamix Service at no cost to U-M units

TeamDynamix Campus Support

Links to help desks and support teams across campus. All of these teams use TeamDynamix and send from an email address of TeamDynamix.umich.edu. Use this list to get help from the correct team.

Using the TeamDynamix Hub to Transfer Tickets to Other Applications

The Hub is a way to transfer tickets between the TeamDynamix Ticketing applications used by campus schools, colleges, and administrative units. This knowledge article explains how transfer tickets using the Hub.