Recently Modified Articles

This article provides instructions on finding a list of the admins of a U-M Slack workspace.
This video offers a way to fix caption timings with a text transcript sync in MiVideo, which is usually a quick and easy way to fix captions issues.
This document will instruct users how to order captions for videos and audio files within My Media
Captions display issues with YouTube videos added to Kaltura MiVideo My Media, Mediaspace, Canvas, and how to address them.
This article describes how to download captions from MiVideo and how to use them outside of MiVideo.
This document will help users understand how to delete captions from videos within the MiVideo service.
Instruct users how to edit captions in videos within the MiVideo service.
Find links to Kaltura documentation and help guides
This article will help users understand MiVideo Captions Collaboration Techniques. In this document we will discuss two ways to share the workload when ordering and editing machine closed captions for audio and video files.
How to enable or disable MiVideo captions and transcripts.
ChromeOS and Chromebooks when using your U-M Google account.
How to use the Add Members feature to add users to MCommunity groups.
Details of the project management features introduced in the TDx 11.5 release.
Provides detailed information about what information to include when submitting a ticket for TeamDynamix support.