Recently Modified Articles

This article outlines what the umichWORKS workspace is and how invitations to the space work.
This article includes instructions on how to create and share Dropbox shared links with collaborators who do or do not have a Dropbox account.
This article links to the relevant page where you can find more information on the features and functionality available in U-M Dropbox.
This article explains how to reset the password on a U-M Google Shared Account.
This article explains how to update your name in U-M Slack.
This article provides users with links to relevant websites and documentation that will help them determine which data storage option best fits their needs.
U-M Box and U-M Dropbox both offer waterfall (i.e., cascading) permissions for shared folders. However, both function in two different ways. During migration, permissions assigned at the subfolder level in a shared folder that resides in an individual U-M Box account (not Shared Account) will not transfer to U-M Dropbox.
This article provides more information on how sharing with Level-2 email addresses works in U-M Dropbox.