Correct a Problem with Undelivered Messages Addressed to an Individual


University of Michigan Google or ITS Exchange email

This article does NOT pertain to UMHS Exchange email - HITS should troubleshoot mail delivery problems there


Messages are bounced back to the sender

Messages are not received by the intended recipient and no bounce-back is received by the sender


When no bounce back is received:

  • Intended recipients must do initial investigation to confirm it is truly a system problem
    • Check filters
    • Search for the lost message in Mail (Inbox), Spam and Trash (UM Google)

When a bounceback error is received (or there is no bounceback, but initial investigation by recipient is complete):

  • Message senders should email or call 734 764-4357 with complete information:
    • Message Sender's email address
    • Message Recipient's email address
    • Complete and Exact Subject of the Message
    • Date and Time the Message was Sent
      • Approximate time (within a half day - Tuesday afternoon, for example) can be used if exact time is not available
    • Copy of bounce message, if available
      • Pasted as plain text (not attached as .pdf)
    • Mail system being used (UM Google, personal GMail, etc)
    • What troubleshooting has been attempted?
    • Working contact information

Notes: First 4 items (in italics) will be included if you can paste a copy of the actual message that was attempted for sending

Mail log searches are time sensitive.  Reporting within 7 days of the trouble is best.  The sooner the issue is reported, the better the chances for a full and successful investigation.



Additional Information

Email delivery at UM is very reliable and most cases of missing messages are a matter of correcting sender/recipient misconfigurations for future interactions.


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