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How to Share MiVideo Media Outside of Canvas for public viewing.
Instruct users how to edit captions in videos within the MiVideo service.
This document will instruct users how to order captions for videos and audio files within My Media
Annoto is an in-video discussion tool for MiVideo content in Canvas. It is available as a free trial for the Fall 2021 semester. To participate, instructors must first opt-in.
MiVideo and other content in Canvas will not load when third party cookies are blocked in the browser. This article provides information to adjust browser settings to allow the content to load.
This document will help users understand and use Video Editor in MiVideo and Mediaspace.
This video offers a way to fix caption timings with a text transcript sync in MiVideo, which is usually a quick and easy way to fix captions issues.
Captions display issues with YouTube videos added to Kaltura MiVideo My Media, Mediaspace, Canvas, and how to address them.
This article describes how to download captions from MiVideo and how to use them outside of MiVideo.
This document will help users understand how to delete captions from videos within the MiVideo service.