Annoto Use Case: Personal Notes In Canvas Can Be A Study Aid



Annoto is now available in all U-M Ann Arbor Canvas courses!
Quickly turn passive course videos into engaging and interactive experiences for students using Annoto! Annoto is an add-on to MiVideo in Canvas that allows students to collaborate within the video or audio player. 


How an instructor can use Annoto's Personal Notes to provide students a tool for study purposes.

  • Students can take personal notes and download these notes for study help.
    • Examples of student notes include summarizing the content or reflecting on the video.
  • Personal notes aren’t just for students, instructors can also take personal notes.
  • Instructors cannot see students' personal notes. While this use case focuses on using notes as a study aid, if the instructor wants to view a student’s personal notes they can ask the student to download their notes and submit them as an assignment upload. See How Students Can Download Annoto Personal Notes for instructions to share with students.

Tip: because Annoto is interactive and collects user behavior, it is not recommended to use Annoto in public courses since public courses do not require authentication to access. Personal notes created by a non-authenticated user are visible to all non-authenticated users.

Video Demos

Enable Annoto Feature For All Videos

Enable or Disable Annoto Feature For An Individual Video

Annoto Personal Notes


Try it out! 
Interested in experiencing Annoto personal notes as a student? Enroll in our self-paced Annoto course, select Modules, then select TRY IT OUT: Add Personal Notes.


  • In this use case, Personal Notes will be enabled at the course level so all videos in the course (including videos in the Media Gallery and embedded into course content) will have the Annoto Personal Notes feature enabled.
  • Instructors can enable the Personal Notes feature by toggling the slider located on the Preferences tab of the Annoto Dashboard. See the Annoto Dashboard and Preferences article for detailed instructions.
  • After enabling notes for all videos, Personal Notes can be disabled for individual videos such as video quizzes, videos used in assignments, or anywhere it would not be appropriate to allow students to take notes.
    • Navigate to the Preferences tab for a specific video in the Annoto Dashboard and disable Personal Notes. See the Annoto Dashboard and Preferences article for detailed instructions.
  • The ability to enable and disable Annoto features for specific videos provide instructors complete control over how students interact with course videos.


Annoto Guides

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