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This document will instruct users on how to publish media in MiVideo.
Pasting a direct link from a My Media video into a Canvas course can result in an access denied error for end users. This article describes how to place a direct link so that the video will be viewable.
Kaltura Capture won't launch after a software update.
How to find the locally stored Kaltura Capture recordings on a Windows or Mac computer.
Captions display issues with YouTube videos added to Kaltura MiVideo My Media, Mediaspace, Canvas, and how to address them.
Web browser ad and content-blockers may interfere with U-M applications and cause certain MiVideo content not to display or work properly. To resolve this issue, the media viewer should adjust their ad/content-blocker settings to allow Canvas and MiVideo content. This article describes how to adjust ad blockers so media performs properly.
This document will help users understand Interactive Video Quiz Analytics in MiVideo.
This document will help users understand and operate Media Analytics within MiVideo.