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Providing information on how a student can access and take the Spanish Placement Exam.


Who is required to take the Spanish Placement Test?

  • Any student planning to enroll in a Spanish course at UM-Ann Arbor who has previously taken Spanish needs to take the test.
  • If you have no prior knowledge of Spanish, you do not need to take the placement test; you are eligible to directly enroll in either Spanish 100 (intensive) or Spanish 101 (standard).
  • If you are a first-year or transfer student and do not complete the test before your orientation session, you may not be allowed to register for a Spanish course while at orientation.
  • Students receive the Spanish Placement Exam URL from their "Welcome to UM" email and via the Offce of New Students Program website.

When and how often can you take the test? Where should you take it?

  • You are allotted 50 minutes to answer 99 questions.  Scores are auto generated in Canvas then imported into MPathways where they are evaluated for a placement score.  Advisors receive your placement information along with other student information in their daily advising report.
  • There is no specific testing date since the test is administered online. You may take the test anytime during one of the open testing sessions, listed under the "Spanish Placement Tests" tab via the Romance Languages and Literatures website.
  • If you are a first-year student or transfer, you must take the test at least five business days prior to the start of your orientation program so that you are able to receive your results by orientation. 
  • You may not take the placement test more than oncetherefore you are encouraged to take the test under optimal conditions (in a quiet space with no potential interruptions and reliable internet connection).

On what kind of device should you take the test?

  • You should only take the test using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Please do not use a tablet or mobile device to take the test.

Which browser should you use to take the test?

Please use a current operating system and web browser as noted below & listed on the Office of New Student Programs Online & Proctored Placement Exams site.

  • For Macintosh: Mac OS 10+ . Use a current version of Chrome or Firefox.
  • For Windows: Windows 7+ . Use a current version of Chrome or Firefox.

Are you Having any Technical Difficulties?

If you have any technical difficulties with the link to the test or website, or while taking the test - it is best to stop the test immediately, and then contact the ITS Service Center.

Please be ready to provide ITS Service Center Consultants with the following information:

  • Your name, UMID # and uniqname
  • The URL of the exam site in question
  • The browser being used (include the version number)
  • The operating system being used
  • Any error messages

After speaking with ITS Service Center Consultants to correct any technical difficulties to determine the nature of your trouble, the ITS Service Center may provide contact information to reach the Romance Languages and Literatures department, so you can request that your circumstances be reviewed for a possible retake. Retakes are only considered in the event of technical difficulties caused by unforeseen events. All requests must be made within one month from the day you completed the exam. All decisions will be documented by the Romance Languages and Literatures department and will be considered final.

How can I view my score?

  • If you are a first-year or transfer student, you will not see your placement result immediately, rather you will receive it during orientation. 
  • If you are a current student, please be aware that it takes 1-2 business days for scores to process. You will NOT be notified of your score automatically. You may view your placement results via: Wolverine Access > Student Business > Academic Records > View Placement Exam Results.

What if I require accommodations to take the Spanish Placement Test?

  • If you need accommodations for the online Spanish test, you should contact the LSA Testing Accommodation Center at: to make a request two (2) business days in advance of when you will take the online test.

Additional Information

How can I be sure the graphics and audio are working properly for the test?

  • Before taking the Spanish Placement Test, you will complete a visual and audio check to be sure you can see images displayed correctly on your screen and hear sound. 

What else do I need to do before I take the test?

  • You will also need to agree to and accept the Terms and Conditions of this test.
  • Click the blue "Take the Survey" button on the next page.

What is the format of the test?

  • Content: The test has 99 multiple choice questions
    • Listening: 10 matching questions
    • Listening: 15 short dialogue questions
    • Listening: 10 questions based on situation
    • Listening: 5 questions based on monologues
    • Grammar and vocabulary: 49 questions
    • Reading comprehension: 7 questions based on reading passages
    • Survey: 3 questions about your Spanish learning experience
  • Time allowance
    • You will have 50 minutes* to complete the test.
    • There will be a timer on your screen so you can apportion your time accordingly. The timer will start as soon as you begin. Before each section, you will also be able to see your progress.
    • When time runs out, the test will finish automatically with everything that you have completed up to that point.

                   * Accommodated students will see their extended time reflected on the time clock. 

  • Strict order
    • You may answer a question only once.
    • Once you move on to the next question, you will not be able to return to any previously answered questions to change your answers.
    • Please review your answers closely prior to clicking on "Next.”
    • Once you complete the final section of the test, click on the blue "Submit Quiz" button.


For additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Center

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