Do Canvas Courses Get Deleted?




Does the ITS-Canvas team delete Canvas courses?


  • Yes, but only unused courses are deleted.
    • Unused courses are defined as those with no assignments, announcements, discussions, files, modules, pages, or quizzes, and are not published.
    • Published courses with content and student submissions and grades will not be deleted.
  • ITS-Canvas typically deletes unused courses once a year.
  • ITS-Canvas sends out a notification when cleaning up unused Canvas courses to everyone enrolled in the Canvas @ Michigan course.

Why delete unused courses?

  • Academic course sites are automatically provisioned beginning 180 days before the beginning of the term.
  • One Canvas course is created for each section of each course in the course catalog (with a couple exceptions).
  • However, not all courses are used.
  • To avoid an excessive number of courses being displayed in an instructor’s Canvas course listing, unused courses are periodically deleted by ITS.

Additional Information

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