Annoto Use Case: Quiz Students On Video Material



Annoto is now available in all Canvas courses!
Quickly turn passive course videos into engaging and interactive experiences for students using Annoto! Annoto is an add-on to MiVideo in Canvas that allows students to collaborate within the video or audio player. 


How an instructor can use Annoto to create in-video quiz questions for a MiVideo video to test students knowledge of material covered in the video.

  • Quiz question types include: True/False, Multiple Choice, and Multiple Answer
  • Quiz questions can be assigned a point value
  • As students complete the quiz their final scores are sent to Canvas Gradebook 
  • Instructors can enter feedback for correct and wrong answers
  • Quizzes can be timed and allow for re-attempts

Tip: because Annoto is interactive and collects user behavior, Annoto quizzes will not work in public courses since public courses do not require authentication to access. 


Try it out! 
Interested in experiencing Annoto in-video quizzing as a student? Enroll in our self-paced Annoto course, select Assignments, then select TRY IT OUT: In-Video Quiz.


1. Create Canvas Assignment

Note: The instructor will need to be the owner or co-publisher of the MiVideo video to add the video to the assignment.

Important: when publishing an Annoto quiz as an assignment, the video should not be published anywhere else in the course (Media Gallery or embedded into content) because this can cause grade passback to fail. If the video should also be published for student review, make and publish a copy of the video.

  1. Navigate to the course in Canvas > Assignments > + Assignment
  2. Enter the assignment instructions
  3. Enter the Points for the assignment
    • Different points can be assigned to each question in the quiz
    • The total points for the assignment does not have to match the total quiz points possible
    • The final grade is calculated by taking the total points correct divided by the total points possible multiplied by the assignment points. For example, if a quiz has 3 questions worth 10 points each and a student scores 20 out of 30 points correct and the assignment is worth 50 points the score is 33.34 points = (20/30 x 50)
  4. Scroll down to the Submission Type drop-down list and select External Tool
  5. Click the Find button
  6. Select MiVideo In-Video Quizzing
  7. By default only MiVideo IVQ Quizzes are shown, to see all your videos click Quiz x to remove the filter

screenshot indicating how to remove the quiz filter

  1. Search for the video
  2. Select the setting (gear) icon next to the video to embed
  3. From the Choose Player dropdown select Annoto Discussion No Transcript Widget. This player size allows for the Annoto widget to display next to the video without distorting the video.
  4. Click Embed
  5. Click Select
  6. Uncheck Load This Tool In A New Tab (if checked)
  7. Note: the assignment name will become the same name as the video. This can be changed.
  8. Complete all other assignment details.
  9. Click Save (don't publish the assignment until after creating the quiz)

2. Enable Annoto Quiz at the Individual Video Level

  • In this use case, Quizzes will be enabled at the individual video level so only specific videos in the course will have the Annoto Quizzes feature enabled.
  • Enable the Quizzes feature for the video by toggling the slider in the Preferences tab of an individual video on the Annoto Dashboard. See the Annoto Dashboard and Preferences article for detailed instructions.
  • Tip: to prevent students from fast forwarding through the video, enable the Limit Fast Forwarding feature. Click the Options button to limit fast forwarding for mandatory quizzes and/or optional quizzes.

3. Create Annoto Quiz

  1. Navigate to the Assignment
  2. Click the speech bubble to open the Annoto widget (if not already)
  3. Select the Interactions tab in the widget
  4. Play the video or move the scrubber to the location on the video to insert a question
  5. To create questions, follow the steps in the Annoto guides: Creating a New Interaction and Interactions Creation Flow
  6. Questions can be edited as needed. Questions edited after they are published will need to be republished
  7. Optional: after the quiz is complete, preview the quiz
  8. Publish the quiz so students can see it
  9. Publish the Assignment.

How Students Take The Quiz

  1. Navigate to the Assignment or video
  2. Start watching the video and answer the questions when they appear
  3. The Interactions tab on the Annoto widget shows how many questions have been answered
  4. When all questions have been answered, the widget shows the final score. If the video is an assignment, that grade is sent to Canvas.
  5. Finish watching the video, there is no need to submit anything else
  6. If retakes are allowed for specific questions, click on the button under the question in the Interactions tab and select a different answer
  7. For assignments, navigate to the Grades tool in Canvas to see your final grade 

View Quiz Results

If the quiz was created as a Canvas Assignment, final grades are passed back to Canvas Gradebook. Instructors can view the highest, mean, and lowest course grades, percent of students who completed the quiz, as well as an individual student's answers in the Annoto Dashboard. The Annoto dashboard is accessible to all teachers and TAs enrolled in the course. See the Annoto Video Quiz Results article.

Annoto Guides

Additional Information

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