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This document will guide you through the steps to create and configure additional MCommunity groups as needed to make it easier to manage users in Mediaspace.
This video offers a way to fix caption timings with a text transcript sync in MiVideo, which is usually a quick and easy way to fix captions issues.
How to edit a channel in MediaSpace.
This document will instruct users how to upload media in MiVideo.
This article will help users understand MiVideo Captions Collaboration Techniques. In this document we will discuss two ways to share the workload when ordering and editing machine closed captions for audio and video files.
Annoto is an in-video discussion tool for MiVideo content in Canvas.
This document will help users understand and use Hotspots. Hotspots are objects in a video that allow viewers to interact with the video. You can customize hotspots to determine what happens when a viewer clicks on one. Hotspots can direct viewers to other videos, web documents, websites, or even a different point on the video. ​​​​​​​
Help understand Kaltura Express Capture, which provides webcam and audio recording directly from within a web browser without the installation of additional software.
How to import the media from one course’s Media Gallery into another, as long as you are an Instructor or Instructional Designer for both courses. Importing a course’s Media Gallery can save time over selecting individual media files to add to a new course.