MiVideo Annoto Free Trial for Fall 2021 and Winter 2022




How to Access and Use the Annoto add-on to MiVideo in Canvas during the free trial period. Note: the trial period was originally for the Fall 2021 semester but has been extended for the Winter 2022 semester.


Annoto is an opt-tool for MiVideo in Canvas that allows students to add comments in the video player.

To enable Annoto, admins, teachers, TAs or designers must follow these two steps in exactly this order:

  1. Join the Annoto MCommunity Group
  2. Access the Annoto channel on the MiVideo Mediaspace site
  3. In Canvas Media Gallery, click the Settings button top right, Edit, check the Annoto box under Options and Save

This announcement in the Canvas at Michigan site has the full details about the trial, including the steps above and a video demo for enabling the tool in Canvas. It also contains links to training workshops and resources. Click here to enroll in the Canvas at Michigan course.

Video Demo

How to Enable Annoto in Canvas

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