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Annoto is now available in all Canvas courses!
Quickly turn passive course videos into engaging and interactive experiences for students using Annoto! Annoto is an add-on to MiVideo in Canvas that allows students to collaborate within the video or audio player. 


How to embed a video or Media Gallery playlist with Annoto in Canvas.

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Embed A Video With Annoto Into Canvas Content


Embed a video or Media Gallery playlist into Canvas content. The Annoto widget displays alongside the MiVideo player depending on the position (default is top right) and load state (default is closed) selected in the Annoto Dashboard > Preferences > User Experience tab. 

Note: in a Media Gallery playlist, Annoto interactions are associated with the current playing video.

  1. From the Canvas Text Editor, select the MiVideo icon in the second row of toolbar buttons. If you do not see the MiVideo icon, click the triple dots icon.
  2. The default library shown is My Media. Select the tab along the top to select a different library or Media Gallery Playlists.
  3. Select the settings ("gear") icon next to the video or playlist to embed.
  4. For an individual video, select a Max Embed Size of 900 x 506 or larger, or select the "Annoto In-Video Discussion" player from the Choose Player dropdown menu.
  5. Click the Embed button.

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