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This article details who is and is not eligible for U-M Slack, and explains the differences between guest types.
This article provides steps on setting your Slack desktop application to start automatically at login/startup.
This article explains what a Slack user group is and how to find a list of Slack user groups in a U-M Slack workspace.
This article provides a walkthrough for finding a list of all Slack channels in a U-M Slack workspace.
This article provides information on how to create U-M Slack workspaces.
This article explains why an individual cannot log in to U-M Slack when they receive the following error: "Your email address is already registered to a deactivated account and cannot be reused. Please contact your Organization Admins for assistance." It also explains what to do if an individual receives this error.
This article explains how to I enable Canvas notifications in U-M Slack.