Add a Workspace Admin to My U-M Slack Workspace


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I am a Slack workspace admin and would like to add additional workspace admins in my U-M Slack workspace.


Note: The individual who you would like to make a workspace admin, must be eligible for U-M Slack and already a "member" of the workspace.
  1. Make sure you have an admin role in the workspace in question, or have someone who has an admin role follow these steps
  2. Navigate to the Workspace Settings & Administration page for the workspace in question.
  3. Select "Manage members" from the list on the left-side of the page
  4. Click the ellipsis icon (...) next to the individual(s) you would like to make a workspace admin
  5. Select "Change account type"
  6. Select "Workspace Admin" and click the "Save" button

The individual will now be set as a workspace admin. Please note that you will not be able to change the account type after making the individual a workspace admin. If you wish to remove a workspace admin, please see Remove a Workspace Admin From My U-M Slack Workspace.

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