Eligibility for a U-M Slack Account (Slack Access)

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U-M Slack (Enterprise Grid)


Who is eligible to be a member of U-M Slack? Who is eligible to be a guest?


Group Group Members Members and Workspace Creation/Admin Guests
  • Students (from matriculation to either graduation or end of student status)
  • Faculty (including emeritus faculty, lecturers, and intermittent lecturers)
  • Staff (including temporary)
  • Sponsored affiliates with regular uniqnames and UMIDs (i.e., Type 1 Sponsored Affiliates)


All people in this group can be members of U-M Slack and create workspaces and/or be admins of workspaces.


People eligible to be members must be members and cannot be guests in any U-M Slack workspace.

Ineligible: Long-term U-M Individuals              
  • Alumni
  • Retirees


If anyone in these groups is participating in university business and therefore needs member access to a U-M Slack workspace, they should be sponsored by their department as a Type 1 Sponsored Affiliate, which will move them to the Eligible group above.

* There is a very small population of alumni and retirees with legacy access.


If someone in one of these groups needs to be a guest, they must use a non-UMICH email address.

Ineligible: U-M Groups and Short-term Individuals                  

  • MCommunity groups
  • Shared Accounts
  • Sponsored affiliates with regular uniqnames, but their UMID starts with "99" (i.e., Type 2 Sponsored Affiliates). Example: nemcard, 99011234
  • Sponsored affiliates with uniqnames starting with "um" followed by numbers (i.e., Type 3 Sponsored Affiliates). Example: um955555
  • Friend accounts
No No.
Other U-M Emails
  • Subdomain emails, such as @med.umich.edu or @eecs.umich.edu
  • Other U-M domain emails, such as @umflint.edu


Use your @umich.edu email address to become a member if you are part of the Eligible group. Otherwise, use a non-UMICH email address to become a guest.


Use your @umich.edu email address to become a member if you are part of the Eligible group. Otherwise, use a non-UMICH email address to become a guest.

Non-UMICH Email Addresses
  • Non-UMICH emails, such as @gmail.com or @msu.edu


You can invite an unlimited number of single-channel guests to your Slack workspace. Support for multi-channel guests is currently unavailable.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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