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How do I create Canvas course workspaces for U-M Slack? And other Slack and Canvas questions. 


A Teacher can now create a Canvas course workspace in U-M Slack for their course. All U-M Slack eligible Teachers, Students, TAs, and other course members can install the Slack desktop app and add the workspace.

  1. Review Create your new Canvas Course Workspace
  2. Click the link under "Option 2: Ann Arbor Canvas Course(s) Workspace"

Once the workspace is requested, the creator can check the status at Workspace Creation Requests


  • Only instructors listed as a Teacher for at least one section of the Canvas course can create a Canvas course workspace
  • Only courses for the current term will be listed
  • The course does not have to be published before a workspace is created. However, if the workspace is created before the term begins, anyone in the course will be able to access the workspace once it is created
  • Membership is synced between Canvas and U-M Slack nightly
    • The Teacher who created the workspace has an admin role for the workspace, all other people in the course will become members
    • Admin can promote other members to admin as needed
  • Workspaces can be shared across several courses
    • Everyone in all the sections in all the courses will be members of the workspace (except the creator, who will be an admin)
  • The workspace creator must have a U-M Slack account created at least 24 hours before attempting to create a workspace

Additional Information


Are there other types of workspaces?
Yes, there are several different types of workspaces.

What if a Student adds/drops the course after the workspace is created? 
Slack will sync with Canvas nightly and automatically add and remove people and their roles from the workspace based on the individual's U-M Slack eligibility.

What if there are students in the course who are not eligible for U-M Slack?
The workspace can still be created, however, those students will not be able to join the workspace based on their U-M Slack eligibility.

Can Teachers, Students, TAs, etc. continue to access the workspace after the term ends?
Yes, until the workspace is deleted or the individual is no longer eligible for U-M Slack.

How long will the workspace be available to access after the term ends?
Indefinitely. The U-M Slack team is working on a tool that will allow faculty and instructors to delete their course workspace if desired. Otherwise, the workspace will not be deleted. More information to come.

When are students able to join the workspace?
Once the workspace is created. Slack will sync with Canvas nightly and add new students. Students will be able to access the workspace even before term begins.

What if I am not the Teacher in the course but I need to create the workspace on behalf of the Teacher? 
You can be granted a Teacher role in Canvas temporarily while you create the workspace.

How do I create one workspace for several Canvas courses each taught by different Teachers?
Designate one Teacher and temporarily add this Teacher (with the Teacher role) to all the courses that will be joining the workspace. The Teacher will then be able to create one workspace that includes all the courses. Once the workspace is created, remove the Teacher from all courses to which they were temporarily added.

What if I want to create a workspace for a course in which "No term" or "Default term" is selected?
You will not be able to create a Canvas course workspace. Select one of the other workspace options.

Can a workspace admin make other Teachers in the course admins?
Yes, admins are able to promote other users to admins.

Can a Teacher associate an existing workspace with a course?

What can be done if the Teacher accidentally selected the wrong course when creating the workspace?
Escalate the ticket to ITS-Collaboration.

What should a Teacher do if they are the admin for the workspace but are leaving and need another course Teacher to become the admin?
First, the new Teacher will need to be added to the Canvas course. Once U-M Slack syncs with Canvas (nightly), the Teacher will become a member of the workspace. At that point, the admin can promote that Teacher to admin.

When will a Teacher be able to create a workspace for the next term?
The course must be provisioned in Canvas with the Teacher assigned to at least one section.

Can a Teacher add a link to Slack in the Canvas course navigation?
A Teacher can add a link to using the redirect tool.

Is the Slack integration for notifications enabled in Canvas?
Yes, refer to Enabling Canvas Notifications in Slack.

More information: Creating U-M Slack Workspaces

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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