Enable Canvas Notifications in U-M Slack


Canvas, U-M Slack


How do I enable Canvas notifications in U-M Slack?


Enable Slack in Canvas

  1. Log in to the Maize & Blue Slack workspace (or other U-M Slack workspace)
  2. Set Slack as a contact method in Canvas
    1. Note: Enter your Level-1 @umich.edu email address as your Slack email
  3. Copy the confirmation code that will appear in the message from the UM-Canvas App in the Maize & Blue (or other U-M) workspace
    1. The UM-Canvas App will be automatically added to your Apps in Slack
  4. Paste the four-character code (case sensitive) into the Confirm Communication Channel field in Canvas

By default, all notifications for Slack are turned off.

After adding Slack as a contact method, you will need to enable notifications for Slack within Canvas.

Additional Information

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