Adding a Redirect URL to Enable External Applications in Canvas




How do I create a custom link in my course navigation using the redirect tool?


  1. Navigate to your course
  2. Click on “Settings” from the course navigation (on the left)
  3. Click on the "Apps" tab across the top
  4. Search for "Redirect" in the search bar provided
  5. Click on the “Redirect Tool" (blue arrow) that appears once the filter is applied
  6. Click the “+ Add App” button that appears
  7. Enter the “Name” for the link. This is the word/phrase that will appear in the course navigation
  8. Enter the URL for the site. You must keep the "https://" prefix. (If you leave off the "s" in "https://", your website will open in a new tab/window regardless of the other settings you select.)
  9. Adjust the settings as needed:
    1. (Optional) Force open in new tab (For External Links Only) – If you select this setting, when a user clicks on the link, the page will open in a new tab in their browser.  Leave unchecked if you would like the site to open within the Canvas interface
    2. Show in Course Navigation – This puts your link within the course navigation bar
  10. Click the “Add App” button
  11. The link now appears in the course navigation at the bottom. You can go into your navigation settings to rearrange it

Additional Information

If you need to edit the links after adding them or need additional information or assistance, please contact the ITS Service Center.


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