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How do I create a new workspace in U-M Slack?


To meet U-M needs, ITS provides three options for creating your U-M Slack workspace: via MCommunity group, Canvas course, or standalone. The option you choose will depend on how you want to manage membership in the workspace.

Before You Begin

  • You must be a member of U-M Slack for at least 24 hours prior to creating a workspace.
  • It is not possible to change the type of workspace after it is created. For example, if you select to create a standalone workspace and then want to start using an MCommunity group with it to sync, that’s not possible.

Three Options

The three options for workspace creation are as follows:

  • MCommunity group: Membership is synced and controlled via an MCommunity group.
    • You must create and own the MCommunity group before filling out the request form.
    • If you cannot find the group in the drop-down list:
      1. Log out by hovering over your uniqname in the upper right corner of the form page and clicking logout.
      2. Log back in by navigating back to the form. This will refresh your list of groups.
      3. You can also use an incognito/private browser window instead of logging out and back in.
  • Canvas course: Membership is synced and controlled by a Canvas course's student and instructor rosters.
    • This option is only available for courses on the Ann Arbor campus. Dearborn and Flint are on the roadmap, but we cannot provide a time frame for when this will be available.
    • You must be an instructor in at least one course for the current term to view and use the form. Workspaces cannot be created for past courses.
    • Anyone added or removed from the Canvas course (such as a student who drops the course) will automatically be added or removed from the workspace.
  • Standalone: Membership is controlled directly by you. You manually add and remove members as needed directly in the workspace settings.
    • You cannot add MCommunity groups as members. All members must be added as individuals.
Refer to Creating U-M Slack Workspaces for important details on each option, including how membership is synced/controlled. The documentation article also includes links to each form you must fill out to request a specific type of workspace.

Verify Your Workspace Was Created

You can verify that your workspace has been created by going to This page provides a complete list of every Slack workspace you have requested to create.

It can take up to 24 hours for your workspace request to be processed. If your workspace hasn't been created, and it's been over 24 hours since you submitted your request, reach out to the ITS Service Center.

Additional Information

An alternative to creating and managing a new workspace is to use the Maize & Blue workspace.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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