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How does a graduating student retain access to a U-M Slack workspace after leaving the university and having their account deactivated?

How does a Workspace Admin grant a graduating student access to their workspace if they will need access beyond graduation?


The student needs to consult with the admins of the workspace regarding the best course of action if they will need access beyond graduation. If the Workspace Admin(s) agree that the graduating student should retain access to their workspace, there are two options for granting the alum access:

  1. If they only need access to one channel: Invite them as a single-channel guest

The student will need to provide the Workspace Admins with a non-UMICH email address. The admins will then send a single-channel guest invite to that email address. Refer to Adding Non-UMICH Email Addresses as Guests to a U-M Slack Channel for more information.

  1. If they need access to the entire workspace: Request a departmental sponsorship for the alum

Departments and units can sponsor people who have a relationship to U-M that requires them to have a uniqname and access to some computing services. Sponsoring a graduated student/alum will allow them to gain access to U-M Slack, as long as they are assigned as an Academic Affiliate or Other University Affiliate. The Workspace Admin will need to submit a request for sponsorship from their departmental sponsorship administrator or the ITS Service Center. Refer to the MCommunity Sponsorship page for more information.

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Eligibility for a U-M Slack Account (Slack Access)

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