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How do I set up the Slack desktop application to start automatically at login for macOS and Windows 10?



To set Slack to run at login, right-click the Slack icon located in the dock at the bottom of your desktop. Select Options, and then select Open at Login.

Right-click drop-down menu, hover over Options, and select Open at Login. Red box around "Open at Login"

Windows 10

To set the Slack desktop app to run at startup/login:

  1. Click the search box located in the lower-left corner of your taskbar
  2. Enter task manager in the search box field
  3. Click Task Manager from the search results

Windows 10 search results for Task Manager, red box around Task Manager search result.

  1. Select the Startup tab in the pop-up window
  2. Scroll to find the Slack app and click on the row to select
  3. Click the Enable button

Windows 10 Task Manager popup, Startup tab, Slack app is selected, red box around Enable button.


Additional Information

Different updates to both macOS and Windows could cause slight differences in the layout of this process shown in the screenshots. These screenshots are for macOS - v. 10.14.2 and Windows 10 - v. 19043.1266.

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