Who Can Access U-M Dropbox?


U-M Dropbox


Who at the University of Michigan can access U-M Dropbox?


Who Can Access U-M Dropbox

Individuals who receive a regular uniqname and UMID. These individuals include:

  • Faculty, staff (regular / temp), students, emeritus, and Type 1 sponsored affiliates.
  • Those with an above affiliation on the Ann Arbor, Flint, Dearborn, and Michigan Medicine campuses.

Who Cannot Access U-M Dropbox

  • Sponsored affiliates (Types 2 and 3) who receive a temporary uniqname (um#####) and have a 99###### as a UMID number. People that fall into this category are "short-term guests" and/or "conference/program participants."
  • Sponsored affiliates who receive a regular uniqname, but do not receive a regular UMID. Individuals that fall into this category are considered "long-term guests."

Additional Information

  Contact the ITS Service Center for more information: https://its.umich.edu/help 


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