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Backup and Sync to Google Drive for Desktop Transition

This article provides additional information to users regarding Google's transition off of Backup and Sync to Google Drive for desktop, including Google's timeline and how to complete the transition.

Document Imaging: Tips for Searching in Perceptive Experience

Tips for searching the online version of Document Imaging (Perceptive Experience)

Dropbox: Access the Dropbox Folder in File Explorer/Finder

This article provides guidance on accessing the Dropbox folder in your File Explorer or Finder.

Dropbox: Copy or Duplicate Files and Folders

This article provides instructions for copying and duplicating files and folders in Dropbox via the web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Dropbox: Install the Dropbox App in a Canvas Course

This article provides instructions on installing the Dropbox app in U-M Canvas, logging in, and accessing it in a course.

How to Transfer Ownership of Box Files/Folders You Own

This article explains how to transfer ownership of files/folders you own in U-M Box.

I Didn't Migrate My U-M Box Account and Now It's Deactivated

This article includes information on what to do if your U-M Box account is deactivated before you migrate to U-M Dropbox.

Move Dropbox Team Folder Data to Another Team Folder

This article explains how to move data in one Team Folder to a different Team Folder in U-M Dropbox.

Primary Investigator (PI) or SAPOC

MReport terminology knowledge around PI & SAPOC

Team Folders and MCommunity Sharing in U-M Dropbox

This article explains the differences in file path and folder views when sharing a Team Folder or subfolder within the Team Folder with MCommunity groups. How you share it, MCommunity roles, and at what level affect what collaborators see.

Update for Google Drive Shared Links FAQ

This article provides additional information on who is impacted, what impact this will have on you, and what steps you should take regarding Google's security update to Google Drive shared links.

Waterfall Permissions and Shared Folders - Box-to-Dropbox Migration

U-M Box and U-M Dropbox both offer waterfall (i.e., cascading) permissions for shared folders. However, both function in two different ways. During migration, permissions assigned at the subfolder level in a shared folder that resides in an individual U-M Box account (not Shared Account) will not transfer to U-M Dropbox.

What Are the Differences Between Dropbox Selective Sync and Smart Sync?

This article explains the differences between Dropbox Selective Sync and Smart Sync.