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How do I configure the automatic archival filter in U-M Gmail? 


Important: If you know you will not need these emails in the future, we strongly recommend you set the filter up to automatically delete them. Archiving your email continues to use storage space in your U-M Google account. The more mail you retain, the more storage you will use, and the closer you will get to reaching your storage limit. Refer to Article ID: 9279 for more information on what happens when you reach your storage limit in U-M Google.

To set up a Gmail filter to archive aging email:

  1. Go to U-M Gmail.
  2. Enter in:inbox older_than:90d in the search bar at the top of the page and hit the Enter/Return key to search.
  3. Click the "See search options" icon (See search options Gmail icon) to the right of the search bar after your results appear.
  4. Click Create filter (next to the blue Search button).
  5. Click OK to confirm you understand the filter will not match incoming mail. (Only mail that has been sitting in your Inbox for over 90 days.)
  6. Ensure the following three boxes are checked in the next menu that appears:
  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
    • Alternatively, if you'd like to delete this mail, you can select Delete it instead.
  • Mark as read
  • Also apply filter to # matching conversations
  1. Click Create filter to finish.

These steps set up automated archival for Inbox mail older than 90 days. You can adjust the length of time by changing older_then:90d to a different number (e.g., 30d)

Additional Information

It is important to note that depending on your inbox size, the process is not instantaneous and may take several hours to fully process.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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