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This article provides for logging in to your U-M Google Mail (Gmail) via the web.
This article provides more information on how sharing with Level-2 email addresses works in U-M Dropbox.
This article provides information on what happens to your old uniqname's email when you change your uniqname and whether you will still have access to the old emails.
Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) allows users of U-M Google Mail (Gmail) to easily create mail merges to communicate with multiple recipients.
This article provides information on how to bulk/mass delete email in Google Mail (Gmail).
This article explains why sending emails to a Slack channel may not be working as intended and includes a workaround to the issue.
This article will assist in determining issues with Canvas notifications not being sent to a user's email address. These are particularly relevant for situations when emails have been received in the past and have recently stopped.
This article explains what applicants can do when the email address on the In-State Tuition application needs to be changed.
Updating TeamDynamix user profile information for email addresses.
How to turn ON student email notifications for grades.