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I am using the send an email to a Slack channel feature, but when I send the emails to the channel address, they do not appear in the channel.


The most common issue is that the domain of the email you are sending from is not on the U-M Slack domains allowlist. The "domain" is the part after the "@" in your email address. (For example, in the email address "," the domain is "").

For security purposes, Slack only permits people to send emails to channels from email addresses that are in the U-M Slack domain's allowlist. The current allowlist includes:


If you have determined this is the issue, the workaround is to either send the emails from an email with a domain on the allowlist OR use the Slack Email app.

To send an email from a non-UMICH email address to a U-M Slack channel, install the Email app from the Slack App Directory and configure it as necessary. (Note that you must be a Workspace Admin in the workspace to which the channel belongs in order to install apps.)

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