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Will email I received before changing my uniqname be accessible if I change my uniqname?

Will email directed to my old uniqname be forwarded to my new uniqname?


  • When the uniqname change occurs, even though the access to your old uniqname is removed, all Google at U-M data (including emails) will be moved to your new uniqname@umich.edu.
  • You should be logged out of your account when the uniqname change is made. Be aware that you may not be able to use Google chat for up to three days after a uniqname change.
  • Your uniqname is part of your email address (uniqname@umich.edu), and your old address will no longer work. Mail sent to that address will bounce back to the sender with the message that the user does not exist. You will need to inform all those who routinely send you email that your address has changed.

NOTE: Once a uniqname is changed there is no forwarding from the old uniqname to the new uniqname (the old uniqname cannot be reused).

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