How Do I Bulk/Mass Delete Emails in Gmail?


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How do I bulk/mass delete emails in Gmail?


For detailed steps and tips on cleaning up your email in Gmail, refer to Tips for Cleaning Up Your U-M Google Account.

Included in the documentation:

  • Delete emails individually
  • Delete emails in bulk
    1. Check the box at the top in the menu bar to select all emails on that page.
    2. Click “Select all [NUMBER] conversations in [LOCATION]” under the box you just checked. This will select all conversations that match your search/location.
    3. Click the trash can icon at the top.
    4. You may be asked to “Confirm Bulk Action.” Click OK.
  • Delete emails by size
  • Delete emails by date
  • Delete emails using other search operators
  • Delete emails from Spam
  • Delete emails from Trash
  • Export Gmail data (using Takeout)

Additional Information

  • Review the Working with Google Mail documentation for best practices and tips on using Gmail efficiently.
  • If you often archive your emails instead of deleting them, you may wish to delete them. Google does not explicitly label mail that has been archived in Gmail. However, you can use the following search query to find your archived mail: has:nouserlabels -in:Sent -in:Draft -in:Inbox.

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