Using YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) with U-M Google Mail


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Is there a way to do a mail merge with U-M Google Mail (Gmail) that is easy to use, and within U-M Google?


Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM) lets you select a draft written in Gmail, replace template keys with names and other information from the spreadsheet and automatically send the email. Also, users can configure the add-on to notify one or more email addresses whenever a form is submitted. Another option will send an email to an address submitted by the form.

  1. Install Yet Another Mail Merge software by going to: 
    1. Click on the Install button
    2. Follow the instructions to add the plugin
    3. You can link with your U-M Google account
  2. On the "Untitled Spread Sheet" (if never done) Click "continue" on the "Let's get started" window
  3. Accept the "request to allow the app to:"
  4. Click "Add-ons," "Yet Another Mail Merge," "Start Mail Merge"
  5. Select the dropdown menu
  6. Select the group you wish to send mail to
  7. Select "OK" from the pop-up
  8. The Contacts will import and you will be able to personalize them
NOTE: If you cannot send the 1500 mails, you may need to go to and sign in with Google to associate your UMICH account with the enterprise license.

Additional Information

  • YAMM is not available for Shared Google Accounts. A customer can set up the ability to "Send As" from the Shared Account, and then use their personal U-M Gmail account to use YAMM.
  • The University of Michigan currently has a site license for YAMM.
  • The maximum emails that can be sent are 1500 per day.  This is a Google limit and cannot be changed.
  • Some have noted that they needed to be in INCOGNITO MODE for their merge to work correctly.
  • Do not change the format of the columns from the default sheets. This will cause the mail merge to fail.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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