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How do Michigan Medicine users access U-M Dropbox with their @med.umich.edu email address? How is this different from when I used to access U-M Box?


In U-M Box, Michigan Medicine users had both their UMICH (Level-1) @umich.edu email address and their (Level-2) @med.umich.edu email address associated with their U-M Box account. This meant that if someone shared a file in U-M Box with a user’s @med.umich.edu address, they would see it in their U-M Box account.

This is not the case in U-M Dropbox. (Level-2) @med.umich.edu email addresses are not associated with a user’s U-M Dropbox account. They are considered external email addresses, and the user will be unable to access the file shared with their @med.umich.edu address. When a file or folder is shared with an @med.umich.edu address, the individual that is sharing the file or folder will receive a message - "Some of these people aren't on your Dropbox team." The shared file or folder recipient will receive an email that a file or folder was shared with their @med.umich.edu address. When they click the "View File" button in the email, they may receive the following error: "[UNIQNAME]@med.umich.edu was given access, but you're signed in as [UNIQNAME]@umich.edu." Collaborators must share a file or folder with the user’s UMICH (Level-1) @umich.edu email address to view the file or folder.

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