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This article provides additional information for adding a shared folder to your account or viewing a shared file in U-M Dropbox.
This article explains the error message you may receive when attempting to share a subfolder in a shared folder in Dropbox: "This folder can only be shared as a link because it’s in a shared folder."
This article includes instructions on how to create and share Dropbox shared links with collaborators who do or do not have a Dropbox account.
This article links to the relevant page where you can find more information on the features and functionality available in U-M Dropbox.
This article provides information on why you would receive the following error when requesting a new Dropbox Team Folder: "That team name is in use. Please start over again."
This article provides information on Dropbox folders and automation.
This article provides resources and information about Dropbox folder settings, sharing, and permissions.
This article explains what "Limited" permissions means on a subfolder in a Dropbox Team Folder.
This article provides instructions for sharing files and folders in Dropbox on the web, desktop, and mobile apps.
This article provides an explanation for why some MCommunity members are not appearing in the membership of a Dropbox Team Folder.
This article includes information on how many devices can be connected to a U-M Dropbox account. It also includes steps for viewing all the devices connected to an account.