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This article provides instructions for sharing files and folders in Dropbox on the web, desktop, and mobile apps.
This article includes instructions on how to create and share Dropbox shared links with collaborators who do or do not have a Dropbox account.
This article provides information regarding why you may not be able to edit files on the Dropbox website.
This article explains how to open Microsoft files stored in U-M Dropbox locally in the desktop Office 365 productivity apps.
This article provides guidance on accessing the Dropbox folder in your File Explorer or Finder.
This article explains who can permanently delete data from U-M Dropbox, and how they can do so.
This article explains what may be happening when a user has shared a folder with an MCommunity group, and the group members cannot access the folder despite receiving an email invite.
This article provides information on how to update your name in U-M Dropbox.
This article provides information on Dropbox Backup in U-M Dropbox.