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This article explains the differences in file path and folder views when sharing a Team Folder or subfolder within the Team Folder with MCommunity groups. How you share it, MCommunity roles, and at what level affect what collaborators see.
This article includes instructions on how to create and share Dropbox shared links with collaborators who do or do not have a Dropbox account.
U-M Box and U-M Dropbox both offer waterfall (i.e., cascading) permissions for shared folders. However, both function in two different ways. During migration, permissions assigned at the subfolder level in a shared folder that resides in an individual U-M Box account (not Shared Account) will not transfer to U-M Dropbox.
Selective sync is a feature in the Dropbox desktop app that lets you choose folders to remove from your hard drive so you can save space on your computer. The folders you choose to remove from your hard drive remain stored in your account on
Dropbox Paper cannot be used for information containing PHI or HIPAA-regulated data. Additionally, there are adjustments that can be made for other kinds of sensitive data to prevent email notifications about activity in Dropbox Paper.
This article outlines how to manage your notifications in U-M Dropbox.
How to change the UMICH email address associated with a personal Dropbox account to a non-UMICH email address.