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In-depth instructions on how to log in and use a Zoom Recordings Link that was shared with you.
Learn how to log onto Zoom with SSO (Single Sign On) on Desktop client and Web portal
This article provides information on creating and managing breakout rooms while in a Zoom meeting.
This article provides information on the ability to host concurrent meetings in Zoom and subsequent limitations.
This article answers whether Zoom Chat is available at U-M and provides an explanation of the differences between Zoom Chat and in-meeting/in-webinar chat.
This article explains that most Zoom AI (Companion) features are not available in the U-M Zoom instance.
This article provides information about the availability of the Zoom Notes feature in U-M Zoom.
This article provides information on whether HD/Group HD can be enabled for a U-M Zoom account and/or U-M Zoom domain.
This article provides guidance regarding third-party apps/bots that join Zoom meetings without direct invitations and what you can do about it.
This article provides information on using the Zoom annotation tools.
This article provides instructions for how to turn gesture recognition in Zoom on or off.