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This article provides information on scheduling a Zoom meeting for someone else to host. (I.e., Zoom delegates and scheduling privileges.)
This article explains how both instructors and students can use Zoom's "LTI Easy Scheduler" feature in U-M Canvas to schedule and book appointments.
Checking Current Version of Zoom Desktop App
This article explains the availability of the Zoom for Home feature for U-M Zoom accounts.
This article provides information about the Q&A feature for Zoom meetings, including how to turn it on for an account and utilize it.
This article explains what the new Zoom Whiteboard feature is, why it isn't enabled for U-M Zoom, and alternatives.
This article provides troubleshooting steps to assist with addressing a common error in U-M Zoom: "This meeting ID is not valid."
This article provides a list of transcription options for U-M Zoom.
This article provides information on whether HD/Group HD can be enabled for a U-M Zoom account and/or U-M Zoom domain.