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How do I change my name in Zoom (Zoom Display Name) permanently?


Zoom uses an individual's Preferred Name from the official university record. For reference, this is the same name that appears at the top of an individual's M-Community profile.

PLEASE NOTE: Preferred Name is not the same as Primary Name. The Preferred Name, if set, is loaded into Zoom at login. If there is no Preferred Name set, the name in Zoom is set to the Primary Name of Record.  The Primary Name often includes the Middle Name, if the middle name is entered anywhere in University databases.

Step 1 Set your Preferred Name in your official University record

Step 2 Confirm your name is set properly using M-Community

Check your profile in M-Community to make sure that the name that shows at the top of M-Community is the name you want to see in Zoom. If not, go back to step 1. If yes, continue to step 3.

  • Navigate to https://mcommunity.umich.edu/
  • Click My Profile in the upper right
  • Check the name in the upper left just under the M-Community banner

Step 3 Log in to Zoom using an Incognito/Private Browser Window to sync your name

Your U-M data is synced to Zoom every time you log in. To ensure this happens correctly, use an incognito/private browser window to log in to Zoom.

  • Open an incognito/private browser window
  • Navigate to https://umich.zoom.us/profile
  • Sign in with U-M Weblogin
  • Check your name at the top of the page

If you don't see the updated name next time you join a meeting using the Zoom client application, sign out and back in using the client application to sync your name.

  • In the Zoom desktop client application, click your avatar in the upper right
  • Click Sign Out
  • Click Sign In with SSO
  • Enter umich as the domain
  • Sign in with U-M Weblogin

Additional Information

There is not currently a feature in Zoom to allow individual users to change their display name on their account so that it is different than their university Preferred Name. Some users would like to add their pronouns to the end of their display name in Zoom so they are clear to others during meetings, without changing their university preferred name. U-M has submitted a feature request to Zoom to allow pronouns in display names, but Zoom has not given an estimate on when this change may be made.

In the meantime, the workaround is to change your display name during a Zoom Meeting: click Participants, then hover over your name and click Rename. This must be done in each meeting.

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