Knowledge articles related to the University's implementation of Zoom.

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Add a Post-Meeting Survey to a Zoom Meeting

This article provides information about how to add a post-meeting survey to a Zoom meeting

Change Default Timezone in Zoom

How to change default timezone as well as timezone for single meetings

Check Current Version of Zoom Desktop App

Checking Current Version of Zoom Desktop App

Concurrent Zoom Meetings

Learn about starting more than one meeting at the same time.

Creating Zoom Closed Captioning in a Recorded Zoom Video

Learn how to navigate and edit audio transcripts in Cloud-recorded Zoom videos.

Eligibility for a U-M Zoom Account

Learn who is eligible for UM Zoom and who is not.

Generating Zoom Meeting Attendance Report as a Host

Instructions to generate Zoom meeting attendance report

Improving your Zoom Meeting by Reducing Data and Bandwidth Use

Learn a variety of methods to reduce bandwidth use and improve the connection of your Zoom meetings.

Information about Alternative Hosts and Co-Host in Zoom

Learn about the differences between Alternative Hosts and Co-Hosts in Zoom and how they relate to eachother.

Inviting Others to a Zoom Meeting

Instructions on how to invite people to a Zoom meeting both live and scheduled

Polling in a Zoom Meeting

Learn how to create and launch polls in Zoom before and during meetings.

Reactions in a Zoom Meeting

Learn how to use reactions in a Zoom meeting

Record Meetings in Zoom and Save to Cloud or Local Computer (Zoom Recording)

This article explains how to record meetings in U-M Zoom and provides instructions for saving them to the cloud or to the user's local computer.

Sign in with SSO in Zoom

How make sure you are signed in to Zoom to attend meetings that are for authorized users.

Transfer Zoom Meetings to a New Host

Transferring already created Zoom Meetings to a new host.

Use Zoom at U-M for HIPAA / PHI

All Michigan Medicine, University Health Service (UHS), School of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, and School of Nursing faculty, staff, and students will be automatically directed to the appropriate HIPAA-aligned instance of Zoom. Simply login to

Verify Zoom Account and Information

How to look up a customer's Zoom information using the ZoomInfo app?

Zoom Assistant - Additional Zoom Desktop Window/Widget

This article explains what Zoom Assistant is and how to enable/disable it

Zoom Desktop Client

Learn how to use the Zoom Desktop Client

Zoom Feature Requests

How to request a new feature or give feedback to Zoom.

Zoom for Google Workspace Add-on Error When Scheduling for Others

This article provides troubleshooting instructions for when you receive the "Something went wrong. We're sorry, we've encountered an error processing your request." error while scheduling Zoom meetings for others using the Zoom of Google Workspace add-on.

Zoom Login Error "You cannot log into your Zoom account using this method"

How to resolve the "You cannot log into your Zoom account using this method. Contact your IT administrator for instructions." Zoom login error

Zoom Meeting Limited to 40 Minutes

What to do when your Zoom Meeting is limited to 40 minutes.

Zoom Virtual Background

Learn how to use a virtual background in Zoom.

Zoom Whiteboard Feature (New in April 17, 2022) -- Not Yet Implemented at U-M

This article explains what the new Zoom Whiteboard feature is, why it isn't enabled for U-M Zoom, and alternatives.

Zoom: "This meeting ID is not valid" Error / Cannot Join Meeting

This article provides troubleshooting steps to assist with addressing a common error in U-M Zoom: "This meeting ID is not valid."

Zoom: Failed to Schedule Meeting/Shared Access Permissions in Google Calendar

This article provides additional troubleshooting instructions for when you receive an error that states that "Shared Access Permissions" are not enabled.