Zoom Cloud Recording Auto-Deletion in 150 Days and Long-Term Recording Retention


U-M Zoom


Why does Zoom show that my cloud recording will auto-delete in a certain number of days? How can I keep the recording permanently?


  • Zoom is a solution for short-term recording sharing, not long-term hosting
  • The U-M Zoom cloud recording retention policy is 150 days (this changed from 180 days on May 18, 2021)
  • All U-M Zoom cloud recordings must auto-delete in the time period set in the retention policy to allow U-M to meet the short-term storage needs of the campus community

Long-term storage and/or hosting options

Additional Information

  • Disabling auto-deletion of cloud recordings is not an option in our environment to ensure that Zoom cloud recording storage can accommodate the larger university community
    • There were recordings that had auto-deletion disabled before this limitation went into effect
    • Cloud recordings that had previously disabled auto-deletion will not be impacted at this time--they will retain their no-auto-deletion setting

Auto-Deletion Behavior

  • Cloud recordings are retained for the number of days set in the retention policy, from the date that the recording is started
  • After the period set in the retention policy is exhausted, they are automatically moved to the trash
  • Recordings remain in the trash for 30 days or until the host clicks Delete to permanently delete them, whichever comes first
  • When a cloud recording that is in the trash is due to be automatically permanently deleted in 7 or fewer days, Zoom sends automatic daily reminders to the host about the upcoming deletion if the user has not turned off the When the cloud recording is going to be permanently deleted from trash setting (refer to https://umich.zoom.us/profile/setting?tab=meeting)
  • The host of the meeting may recover the recording from the trash until it is deleted permanently:
    • Cloud recordings that are recovered from the trash after having been automatically moved there due to exhausting the retention policy are recovered for 1 day, then automatically moved back to the trash for 30 days
    • Hosts can click Recover from the trash to recover a meeting, then download the files
  • Once a recording is permanently deleted, it cannot be recovered, not even by Zoom

Please note as this has come up:
If a Cloud Video is trimmed, any downloads of that video will NOT be trimmed. The full video will download. More info here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115003001383-Cloud-recording-playback

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