Using Zoom Recordings Manager for Long-Term Retention and Hosting of Zoom Recordings in Dropbox or MiVideo


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How can I easily transfer all of my U-M Zoom cloud recordings to another service for long-term retention and/or hosting?


Use Zoom Recordings Manager to copy any of your Zoom cloud recordings (that are not in the trash) to Dropbox or MiVideo.

  1. Navigate to Zoom Recordings Manager (part of U-M ZoomInfo)
  2. Click the "Get started copying recordings to [service]" button for the service you want to transfer recordings to (Dropbox or MiVideo)
  3. For Dropbox only: authorize the U-M ZoomInfo Zoom Recordings Manager to access your dropbox
  4. Check/uncheck listed recordings so that only those you want to copy are selected (you may select as many as you'd like; there is no limit)
  5. Click "Copy Selected Recordings to [Service] Now"
  6. Wait up to 24 hours (a job containing a large number of recordings or very long recordings may take up to 24 hours, but most jobs will take less than 2 hours to process)
  7. Navigate to the location in Dropbox or MiVideo listed in Zoom Recordings Manager to find your recording(s)

Additional Information

  • Zoom Recordings Manager will only copy recordings that exist in your account right now--it will not copy new recordings created after you use it
    • You may, however, return to it as many times as you would like to copy newly created recordings
  • Zoom Recordings Manager will show all cloud recordings in your U-M Zoom account except for those in the trash
    • To copy a recording that is in the trash, first recover the recording from; then you will be able to copy the recording using Zoom Recordings Manager
  • Zoom Recordings Manager does not show local Zoom recordings
  • Copying your Zoom recordings to Dropbox or MiVideo does NOT delete them from the Zoom cloud

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.